AT&T CEO Hates Robocalls Too; Still isn’t doing anything about them

Tim Marvin
Campaign Manager

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Dave Lieber at the Dallas News ran a great piece on an interview he did with AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson. Apparently, Randy is just like us! He gets bombarded with robocalls and wishes someone would do something about them.

But wait, he isn’t just like us because Randy is the CEO of one of the most powerful telecommunication companies in the world. He has billions of dollars and many engineers at his disposal to start working on this problem. What could possibly stand in the way of AT&T’s 280,000 employees helping out their boss?

Here is an excerpt from Dave’s piece:

What’s the hangup?

Telecommunications companies must get permission, he said, from the Federal Communications Commission.

But didn’t the FCC just give you that permission last year for phone companies to install stricter call-blocking services?

“There will be rules around this,” Stephenson said. “We don’t go in and just start discriminately blocking calls going to people without their permission, without the appropriate authority. I don’t want to be on the front page because we blocked somebody’s call, if it was a life-saving call of some kind, right?”

If only the FCC had given the phone companies clear permission to block robocalls…

Oh right, they did. 

Almost a year ago to date the FCC made it clear that phone companies can block robocalls:

 “[W]e are giving the green light for robocall-blocking technology, declaring that these market-based solutions can be offered without violating our call-completion rules. The FCC wants to make it clear: telephone companies can – and in fact should – offer consumers robocall-blocking tools.”

As for me, I am ready to give Mr. Stephenson and AT&T crystal clear permission to block robocalls to my phone if that is all that is standing in the way.


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One response to “AT&T CEO Hates Robocalls Too; Still isn’t doing anything about them”

  1. Gary says:

    Mr. Stephenson, you have Explicit Permission to block calls to people. Ever heard of the National Do Not Call List?

    People who signed up for it have Already Given Explicit Permission to block these calls.

    You have OUR Permission and specific Request. You have the FCC’s permission.

    I don’t know how it could be any more clear. JUST DO IT!

    If you get any repercussions, just let us know and we’ll bombard our Senators and Representatives, but let me ask you this – Who is going to complain, not the general public!

    Or is it all about the MONEY???

    Is AT&T For Sale?

    It sure looks like it!

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