AT&T’s Excuses for Not Blocking Unwanted Robocalls are Mind-Blowingly Weak

Maureen Mahoney
Policy Analyst

Monday, June 27th, 2016

AT&T is still giving out a bunch of spectacularly weak excuses for not protecting their consumers from unwanted robocalls.

In response to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson’s incorrect claims that AT&T needs the FCC’s permission to protect consumers from robocalls (which it already has), over 1,200 AT&T customers have called him directly to give AT&T “permission” to start blocking robocalls. Turns out they’re still relying on excuses, not action.

Check out some of AT&T’s excuses here – keeping in mind that Time Warner Cable and several other smaller providers, like Sonic, have already offered call-blocking service Nomorobo directly to their customers for free. Then, head over to the Consumerist for more details.

Marshall (TX): “They do not have the capability to block them but they appreciate me calling”

Vadim (CA): “They are saying they are not offering any solution to block robocalls at the moment.”

David (CA): “He offered to change my phone number.”

Mim (GA): Rep: “We do not have permission to block legitimate calls. We’re working on discerning which are legitimate.” Me: “What steps are you taking to do that?” Rep: “That, they have not told us yet.”

Charles (SC): “I was told that AT&T has blocks in place but scammers get around the blocks each time. They are aware but do not seem to have solutions that keep the scammers out. I just have to realize that robotcalls will continue.”

Allen (LA): “Said it was not economically feasible for them to do it now.”

Marcia (CA): “Said “they can’t block all robocalls because some of them are legitimate (doctor’s offices, etc.), and then AT&T would get hit with lawsuits.”

Kyle: “He said AT&T, along with all the other phone companies, don’t have the capability of stopping robocalls.”

Jimmy (IL): “Told not possible for landlines. Available for cellular lines; call 611. Agent at 611 said NOT possible!”

William (TX): “She said AT&T has concerns over lawsuits about hindering a business’s right to engage in commerce.”

Mike (AL): “I was told that Congress needs to do something because they control the FCC and the FCC controls phone companies.”

Carol (MI): “He pushed a service from AT&T that is $5/month after the first 30 days to block robocalls.”

L.W. (GA): “That they won’t be offering anything FREE!”

James (KS): “Her response was that the FCC prohibited them from doing it.”

Clearly, phone companies are not going to take action against robocalls unless all of us keep up the pressure. Are you interested in learning more about what you can do to protect yourself and others from robocalls? Join the End Robocalls campaign!

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