Because of You- AT&T Is Moving!!

Tim Marvin
Campaign Manager

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

In February a group of dedicated people delivered your 600,000+ signatures to AT&T headquarters in Dallas, Texas. I, along with a small group of fed-up AT&T customers, sat down with an AT&T executive to make clear that it was time for AT&T to act to address robocalls. We called on them to provide all of their customers (landline, mobile, and VOIP) with free and effective tools to end robocalls once and for all.

We also listed some small steps the company could take to start moving in the right direction. They are starting to feel the pressure of hundreds of thousands of activists along with a steady barrage of media. Thanks to your activism, they have taken the following steps to make it easier for their U-verse (VOIP) customers to sign up for Nomorobo.

From AT&T:

We’ve taken the following additional steps to make our U-verse Voice customers aware of NomoRobo:

  • The link is live at a new, easy-to-remember URL:
  • We are putting a bill page message (both print and electronic) in the “news you can use” section of customer bills in May, with a hotlink to this support page.
  • We are adding a 30-day alert to our customer home page in April.
  • We’ve added the new URL link to our e-support information. We’re also expanding search word optimization to make it easier for customers to find.

This is definitely a step in the right direction. However, AT&T still could make it so much easier to sign up for Nomorobo. Nor do these steps do anything for AT&T’s mobile and traditional landline customers. Time Warner Cable offers their customers a 1-click opt in to sign up for Nomorobo. AT&T should do the same for all of their customers. Or better yet, they could create a better system of their own that allows customers to opt in easily.

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