Bonus Weekly Stories from You: Joanna Tells AT&T She Needs Peace and Quiet in Retirement

Christina Tetreault
Staff Attorney

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016
We had a great day in Dallas on Tuesday, delivering more than 600,000 petition signatures to AT&T, asking for them to help End Robocalls by providing free, effective tools to block robocalls. Dallas-area AT&T customer Joanna was on hand to speak with AT&T executives; here is what she told them:
After working until age 69, I looked forward to my years of retirement. I’ve been retired for four plus years now, and have seldom been able to “sleep in” or enjoy an uninterrupted day due to the incessant and, in some cases, insistent robocalls I receive on my landline as well as, lately, on my cell phone.
One case, in particular, would call up to 3-5 times a day from early morning til 9:30 or 10:00 at night.  I just wouldn’t answer in the beginning.  They’d leave messages saying press 1 to be connected but without a call-back number. Finally, I answered, pressed 1, waited then to be actually connected, and asked to be removed from their call list.  I did this about 4 or 5 times before giving up.  Often they just hung on me.
Then I tried to look them up through reverse look-up but they weren’t listed.  I googled the number only to find hundreds of other people with the same frustration regarding that particular number, all who had tried various things with no resolution. This went on for months and months, maybe years.  Finally, they stopped!  (I’m hoping they went bankrupt — or worse!).
One other case that drove me insane was the one that said (3x/day or more), “This is your final notice regarding your credit card …”
Another annoyance with robocalls is the interruption to whatever you’re doing while listening to your phone ring four times (I know it can be two times but then you have to break your neck running for it if it’s someone you do know and want to talk to), so waiting for the four rings, then listening to your own answering message, and then listening to see if it’s a friend.  It seems like an eternity each time it happens.  Not good for the blood pressure, I must say!
No matter what you’re doing, sleeping, talking with a neighbor, watching TV, preparing a meal, working in another room, reading a book, whatever — it’s an unwelcome, time-consuming, disgusting disruption. It’s like dealing with a perpetual bully over whom you have NO possible control.
Regarding my cellphone, I now get about 3-4 calls per week which is even more maddening. I understand there is every possibility that this will increase exponentially in the future — unless you intervene.
On the brighter side, now that I have switched to Time Warner for my landline, I have relief through their nomorobo program.  I enabled it 4 days ago, and have not received one call!
As an ATT customer for over 21 years (and still am with my cell phone), I want to compliment you on the positive changes you have made to your customer service department over the last few years and for empowering those employees to be able to positively respond to our requests.
I trust you understand that this issue of robocalls is equally important to us as customers, and that you will do everything possible to stop these calls now!
End Robocalls is a movement by and for consumers like Joanna and like you. If you haven’t already, join with the more than half million of us working together to End Robocalls.
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