California media covers the battle against surprise medical bills

Conor Laing
Assistant Policy Analyst

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

Your fight against surprise medical bills in California has been profiled in several media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, State of Reform, Southern California Public Radio, and California Healthline.

Several of the pieces cite Consumer Reports’ 2015 survey on surprise medical bills which found that nearly one in four privately insured Californians face surprise medical bills–a bill that occurs when the insurer pays less than expected and the out-of-network provider charges the consumer the difference. Many Californians with good insurance are still getting hit with these unfair bills, which is why we are fighting with our allies to get surprise medical bill protections passed in the California Assembly.

Thank you for your support in the struggle to end surprise medical bills! It is because of consumers like you telling your stories and bringing attention to this issue that we have come as far as we have on this issue.  Would you like to join our campaign to end surprise medical bills? Sign our petition here!

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