Consumer Reports covers our fight to end surprise medical bills

Zanira Ghulamhussain
Assistant Outreach Coordinator

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Surprise medical bills are the surprise that no one ever wants. When going into the OR for a procedure, the patient is more concerned about successful results rather than if every doctor is in their insurance network.

Recently Florida lawmakers sent Governor Rick Scott a bill to prohibit doctors and hospitals from hitting patients with out-of-network medical bills for visits to the emergency room and for services at covered hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Our Consumer Reports colleague Donna Rosato published an article about our recent victory, and the movement to end surprise medical bills across the country. Read her summary and tips on how to avoid surprise bills here.

One example of a surprise medical bill is Joe of Crystal River, Florida. Joe had cardiac surgery at an in-network hospital by an in-network cardiologist. After his surgery, he was assigned to an out-of-network hospitalist, a dedicated in-patient physician who works exclusively in a hospital. Joe never saw or spoke to the hospitalist, but was charged $788 for his non-existent treatment/care. With help from people like Joe, we piled on the pressure with consumer stories until the very last day of the Florida session, when lawmakers passed the bill. Floridians could soon have the protections they deserve from these unfair bills preventing more of these shocking scenarios.

To find out which protections your state offers or where to file an appeal if an insurer denies your claim, use our online tool and check our state map that tracks surprise medical bill legislation. Join our local movement to end surprise medical bills! Share your story today so lawmakers make surprise medical bill protections a legislative priority.

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