Consumer Steve Melman: “Every phone company should offer Nomorobo”

Maureen Mahoney
Public Policy Fellow

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Over the past few years, developers have made some real strides in creating effective anti-robocall technologies. From landline services like the Primus Telemarketing Guard and Nomorobo to cell phone apps like TrueCaller and Call Control, innovators have found that they can identify and zap unwanted calls even before they reach the consumer.

So far, however, phone companies have been dragging their feet instead of offering these tools for free to all of their customers. In fact, Time Warner Cable (TWC) is the only major voice provider to have done so. They announced a partnership with Nomorobo in January. And Nomorobo isn’t available at all to consumers with traditional landlines or cell phones.

We think AT&T, Verizon, and CenturyLink should follow TWC’s lead and offer Nomorobo or a similar service. We’ve heard from over 600,000 consumers that they’re ready for this move. And individual customers tell us, too, that they’ve had positive experiences with advanced call-blocking tools.

Recently, we spoke with one of those consumers – Steve Mehlman of Beaumont, CA. Before signing up for Nomorobo, Steve received a half-dozen or more unwanted calls per day, particularly unsolicited robocalls peddling solar energy. While Steve isn’t a TWC customer, he set up Nomorobo through Nomorobo’s website (click here for a list of compatible phone services).

Since signing up for Nomorobo, Steve says, “It’s been really great for us.” He also recognizes the importance that a service like Nomorobo can hold for consumers who are vulnerable to scam calls. “Particularly for people like the elderly and disabled, this is a godsend. I can only imagine people not in good physical condition having to get up for a half-dozen or more robocalls a day.”

So far, Steve hasn’t had a problem with missing wanted calls because of his use of Nomorobo. Overall, he says that Nomorobo is effective about 98% of the time.

The bottom line? According to Steve, “Every phone company should offer Nomorobo.”

We need your help to push for change and guarantee that every consumer can get a free robocall-blocking tool from their phone company. We’re pushing telecom giant AT&T to be the next to stand up for their customers. Click here to contact AT&T’s CEO Randall Stephenson and tell him to End Robocalls! 

Update: Consumers Union recommends that consumers closely evaluate what kind of information they’re willing to disclose to prevent robocalls, so review the privacy policy before signing up for any call-blocking app or service.

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