Consumerist puts the spotlight on unfair ER billing

Geraldine Slevin
Assistant Policy Analyst

Monday, November 9th, 2015
Surgeons looking down

When a medical emergency strikes, the last thing you want to think about is how much you’ll have to pay for a crucial ambulance ride or trip to the ER. But because of glaring loopholes in insurance laws, consumers in most states are vulnerable to crushing out-of-network bills for emergency room visits.

Our friends at Consumerist highlight one patient’s story:

After a series of surprise bills from out-of-network ER doctors at otherwise in-network hospitals, she realized the only way to avoid the unexpected sticker shock was to look outside her area for emergency care.

“I know that our local hospital doctors do not contract with my insurance,” Melanie tells Consumerist. “I was having chest pain for several days, and chose to not go to the local hospital but to go to one farther away because I had run into issues at the local hospital with balance-billing.”

Check out the full story – and an investigation of why these bills are happening – over at Consumerist.

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