Consumers Union in Dallas to #EndRobocalls!

Maureen Mahoney
Public Policy Fellow

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Some of the best and brightest technological minds gathered in Dallas last week to work on long-term solutions to robocalls, and Consumers Union took your voices inside to remind these engineers just how many Americans need their help.

We circled the Internet Engineering Task Force meeting with a mobile billboard featuring notorious robocaller ‘Rachel from Cardholder Services’ and reminded attendees that 200,000-plus consumers want the phone companies to offer real solutions to block these calls.

Consumers Union was well-received by the attendees, who were eager to discuss the issues involved and pleased to learn about the importance of their technical work to end robocalls to consumers.

And our message is catching on – check out coverage about the campaign at NBC-Dallas!

End Robocalls photo 1

At the conference, a subgroup of experts is close to finalizing a set of standards that would solve the problem of ‘call spoofing.’ Spoofing allows robocallers to hide from you by having a different identity show up on your caller ID. Recently, spoofers have pretended to be the Internal Revenue Service to trick consumers into answering the phone.

If implemented, the Secure Telephone Identity Revisited technology would allow callers to confirm their identities when placing a call. While their standards are voluntary, they are showing the way to a solution that could help consumers.

We’re thrilled that some of the world’s top brains are working on an issue that’s of such importance to consumers. But in the meantime, the major phone companies must step up and provide free tools that will block these calls before they reach you.

We’re working hard to take your demands into the halls of power, and we’re reaching more and more decision makers with the message: work harder to stop robocalls, now.

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7 responses to “Consumers Union in Dallas to #EndRobocalls!”

  1. Ed Kelty says:

    Who the heck is “Cardholder Services” and where are they located? When I ask the location or how they got my credit information, they just hang up.

  2. Besides Robocalls I also do not like it when a similar phone number exists for a well-known vendor’s number; it starts similarly and then asks you to participate in a survey where it asks for age, zip code, etc. I hang up. Is there a common ID for this type of phone spoofing.\?

  3. Bill Wymer says:

    I’m disabled from an auto accident in 1995. Constant pain that rarely allows sleep is my life. When I do sleep I don’t need an auto-matic call to disturb me when (and if) I do find enough peace to sleep. Using the “Do Not Call” list from the FTC is even worse. I have to input all kinds of info (phone # not real or not there) and nothing is done. HELP!

  4. Susi Hulbert says:

    My phone number is mine, not yours. You have no right to use it.
    I resent being interrupted. I do not want to be pursued

  5. Mary Reader says:

    I anticipate a day unmarred by scores of robocalls.

  6. Francesca Ruth says:

    The calls are invasive, loud and totally negative.

  7. Dodie Shepard says:

    I am no very mobile and to get up to answer some robo call is just beyond the pale.

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