Debt Collectors Top the List of Robocallers

Maureen Mahoney
Public Policy Fellow

Friday, February 19th, 2016

Call-blocking service YouMail has released its new numbers on robocalls, and despite frustration from consumers overwhelmed by unwanted calls, there’s no sign of slowing down. YouMail calculated that consumers received 2.3 billion robocall in January – that’s 858 robocalls per second. Atlanta, the city that received the most robocalls, received almost 100 million robocalls in January.

Check out coverage from our sister publication Consumerist here.

YouMail found that early primary states have been hit hard as well, presumably by political robocalls. Robocalls to Iowa were up 46%  last month, and up 55% in New Hampshire.

Still, according to YouMail, the top robocallers continue to be debt collectors. We frequently hear from consumers about debt collection robocalls – which are often intended for someone other than the recipient! Florence of Oceanside, CA says, “Debt collector calls my cell at all hours looking for Joe Blow, whom I don’t even know.”

We’re pushing to keep the laws strong against unwanted calls to cell phones – particularly from debt collectors. Click here to support the HANG-UP Act, a bill that would reverse a recently-passed provision that would allow debt collectors to robocall cell phones to collect federal debt.

Are you overwhelmed by robocalls? Check out Consumer Reports’ review of call-blocking services and devices here. But don’t stop there – let’s push the phone companies to take more responsibility for the robocall problem! Click here to ask the phone companies to provide free, effective robocall-blocking tools. Our petition is almost at 600,000 – help us put it over the top!

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