Do or Die Surprise Medical Bills Vote in California: Contact your Senator!

Daniela Nuñez
Social Media Program Manager

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

California, it’s urgent. We need every Californian reading this to contact their Senator right now and tell them to back AB 72 that will end surprise medical bills.

Surprise medical bills have been a familiar foe to Californians for too long. Patients go to an in-network hospital or surgery center thinking their insurance will cover the costs. After that they find out that a doctor, doctor’s assistant, or specialist, who treated them wasn’t in-network. BOOM: surprise medical bill.

We can’t let medical interest groups determine our future. We all deserve health care that is fair, affordable, and transparent. AB 72 is our best chance to end surprise medical bills and curb health care industry abuses for ourselves, our children, and our loved ones.

This victory is ours if we fight for it. Tell your California Senator where you stand, and make sure they stand with you and vote YES on AB 72 on the Senate floor this week.

California lawmakers will either make it or break it for consumers this week. Californians like Daren from Temecula and Alyson from Emeryville needed surprise medical bill protections years ago, but instead they were socked with surprise medical bills. No parent should have to worry that they will be punished for getting healthcare for their children. AB 72 will restore trust in our health care system. Take action today so that our loved ones can be protected tomorrow. Thank you for being part of our End Surprise Medical Bills campaign. Your actions are working! Stay tuned for more updates on the Senate floor action.

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One response to “Do or Die Surprise Medical Bills Vote in California: Contact your Senator!”

  1. Marian Hollingsworth says:

    California consumers should not be at risk of financial disaster with surprise medical bills. Please support AB 72 to stop this practice of deceiving patients when they are the most vulnerable.

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