End Robocalls Featured in Bangor Daily News

Maureen Mahoney
Public Policy Fellow

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

We couldn’t be more impressed with the way consumers like you rallied last week to protect cell phones from robocalls.

Over 85,000 consumers took action in just one week to support the HANG UP Act, the bill introduced in Congress last week to stop debt collectors from robocalling the cell phones of people with federal debt, as well as their family members, references, and even people who currently have a number that used to be owned by them.

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Consumers also submitted over 1,500 stories to us expressing your frustration with robocalls and opposition to the just-passed measure to allow debt collection calls to cell phones. Many of you told us that you receive robocalls from debt collectors trying to reach someone else.

Like Gamin, from Springdale, Arizona, who says she gets:

“[R]obocalls from nameless companies trying to reach a friend of mine, probably about her student loan debt, which she hasn’t repaid because she never managed to get a job and now is living on Disability/SSI. I’m not sure how they got *our* numbers, but they’re calling our home phone plus both my husband’s and my cell phones.”

The End Robocalls campaign also attracted some media coverage as we fought to support the HANG UP Act.  Campaign manager Tim Marvin was quoted by the Bangor Daily News, who pointed out that the HANG UP Act offers “a great opportunity to mobilize all that support we’ve been building.”  And our colleagues at the Consumerist and Consumer Reports Online picked up the story.

Not only are we fighting to support the HANG UP Act to get more legal protections against robocalls to cell phones, but we’re also calling on the phone companies to offer free tools to block robocalls. Earlier this month, our End Robocalls petition got a mention in the Keene, NH Sentinel Source.

Please join us in stopping robocalls. Take action today!

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