End Robocalls Story Sharer Featured in AP Story

Tim Marvin
Campaign Manager

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Over 30,000 people have shared their robocall story with us which has been instrumental in moving the campaign forward. Recently, an EndRobocall.org story sharer, Jeri Vargas, was featured in an Associated Press story that you may have seen in your local paper. The story was picked up by more than 300 papers and news services.

From the AP story:

For Vargas, it was the aggressive telemarketing calls that tipped her off to her mother’s failing health. Yachting equipment arrived at the house one day, followed by magazines, books and light bulbs her mom didn’t need. Vargas hid her mom’s credit cards, only to find out later that a man claiming to sell fire extinguishers had her mom search through old statements to provide him a credit card number. Vargas says she thinks that robocalls were an easy way of identifying her mother as a vulnerable target. Now the phone rings all day long, but Vargas is reluctant to get rid of the line in case of an emergency.

“I don’t mind if someone calls me because I can say, ‘No thank you,'” said Vargas. “But it’s hard for someone like my mom.”

Jeri’s story is all too common. How do we know? Many consumers with similar stories have told us so.

The technology exists for the major carriers to start solving this problem. Together we are pushing them to move faster to offer consumers free, effective tools to block robocalls.

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One response to “End Robocalls Story Sharer Featured in AP Story”

  1. Jeff Walsh says:

    Now that robocalls come with spoofed caller IDs, how is it possible to block their calls? I have received several of these calls recently that appeared to come from a local phone exchange. When I called back, it was clear they people answering had no idea their numbers had been spoofed.

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