FCC Commissioner Worries that Consumers Don’t Get Enough Robocalls

Maureen Mahoney
Public Policy Fellow

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

Our campaign at EndRobocalls.org has been so successful, people like you are starting to rub some powerful robocall supporters the wrong way!

On Wednesday, April 1, FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly spoke before the Association of National Advertisers – and O’Rielly actually worried that that laws protecting consumers from robocalls were too far-reaching.

Commissioner O’Rielly denounced consumer groups like us, arguing that telemarketing rules have forced businesses “to avoid making calls to their existing customers or clients even if the purpose of the call could directly and immediately help the consumer.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The law is clear: consumers always have the right to opt-in to robocalls or telemarketing calls from a particular company. And emergency robocalls are always legal – whether to landlines or cell phones, and even to consumers on the Do Not Call list.

The law has plenty of leeway for consumers to receive the calls they want. The FCC’s focus should be defending consumers’ rights to peace and quiet.

Commissioner O’Rielly should make a point to meet some real people like Jessica, a hospital worker in Naugatuck, Connecticut. She says:

“I work at a community hospital in the Intensive Care Unit. There has been more than one recent occasion where the 5 (five) main lines in the department have lit up with robocalls at the same time for everything from home security, satellite TV, and car warranties with NO option to stop the calls and pressing any key does not present a human being either. This has prevented calls from doctors and families to come through as well as lab and radiology results. Also, they call the 14 patient rooms as well. Many times it’s someone elderly or critically ill in the room with distraught families, they too have reported no person and get very upset.”

And the numbers don’t lie: Over 217 million numbers are on the Do Not Call list, and we’ve gotten more stories – over 30,000 – from consumers about this issue than any other. Consumers want more, not less, protection from unwanted robocalls.

Join the movement and show Commissioner O’Rielly that you’ve had enough of unwanted calls!

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5 responses to “FCC Commissioner Worries that Consumers Don’t Get Enough Robocalls”

  1. TRob ARob says:

    I don’t want a single robocall to either my home, cell, or work. If I want it, I’ll find it and buy it.

  2. Bob Hennessey says:

    I Hate Robocalls . You mention the Do Not Call Registry. Well let me clue in about this bogus service. IT DOES NOT WORK. It simply is a worthless waste of time putting your name on this list it goes totally ignored period no ifs ands or butts. It worked initially but then the violators advertisers realized nothing will be done if they ignore it and ignore it they do. I get call after call Nothing works. Opting out does not work. Getting a live person and telling them you are on the do not call registry does not work . My only option is I get vulgar with them at least I get some satisfaction from the annoying call that way..

  3. MotherHenDragon Oneto says:

    Dear Commissioner – exactly HOW MANY robocalls are enough? I do not own a home – yet, I receive approximately 4 calls EVERY DAY MONDAY THRU SUNDAY EVERY week of EVERY year telling me that this is MY “LAST CHANCE to ……” on BOTH my home phone and my cell – BOTH OF WHICH ARE ON THE GOVERNMENT “DO NOT CALL” list…………..
    Yes, I’ve picked up the phone to request these people do not call again – and THEN, I am the FIRST caller in line for an operator and placed on hold indefinitely………………….

  4. Earl Roney says:

    Stop robocalls period, I get at least 6 a day and half the time there is a dead line when I answer.

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