FCC Cracks Down On Carriers

Tim Marvin
Campaign Manager

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

For over a year now you have been calling on AT&T, Verizon, and CenturyLink to provide customers with free and effective tools to block robocalls. Over 600,000 of you have joined the campaign, called the carriers, or delivered petitions directly to the doors of the phone companies. The End Robocalls campaign has made amazing progress in the past year. Major media has covered the campaign and made the robocall epidemic a national issue. Senator Schumer and Representative Speier have introduced the Robocop Act because of the work you have done with the campaign.  Yet the carriers have mostly delayed and provided lame excuses.

Today, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler sent a letter to all the major carriers calling on them to stop delaying and that their excuses are indeed, lame.

“…I have sent letters to the CEOs of major wireless and wireline phone companies calling on them to offer call-blocking services to their customers now – at no cost to you. Consumers want and deserve more control over the calls they receive. I have also sent letters to intermediary carriers that connect robocallers to the consumer’s phone company, reminding them of their responsibility to help facilitate the offering of blocking technologies.  I am also calling on the carriers and standards groups to accelerate the development and deployment of technical standards that would prevent spoofing of caller ID and thus make blocking technologies more effective, as was done in the battle against spam years ago.  All of these companies have been asked to respond within 30 days with their concrete, actionable solutions to address these issues.”

Recently, AT&T Randall Stephenson said he needed more “permission” to start helping his customers. Thousands of you sprung into action by calling his executive line and giving him all the permission he could stand. Your work has highlighted for the FCC that more has to be done to force these companies to do the right thing. The FCC would not have acted if it were not for your work to keep the issue alive and in the face of CEO’s like Randall Stephenson.

Now is the time to increase the pressure on AT&T. We know that if they act other major carriers will follow.

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One response to “FCC Cracks Down On Carriers”

  1. William Brackman, Jr. says:

    I hear that you need permission to block robocalls. Well you have my emphatic permission to block all robocalls that are not originated by public safety officials such as the police, fire and weather to protect lives and property.

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