Florida Victory: You Did It!

Daniela Nuñez
Social Media Program Manager

Monday, March 14th, 2016

We all won a huge victory last Friday! Your Florida Senators and Representatives passed legislation protecting you from surprise medical bills — the kind you get when an in-network hospital serves you with out-of-network labs and doctors.

This is a huge victory and this bill will be a model for other states! Please, click here thank your lawmakers!

Why is this legislation so important? It makes sure that when you go to an ‘in-network’ hospital on your insurance, you pay only in-network prices. Right now, you can get hit with huge out-of-network charges for tests, specialists and other medical care you rightly thought were covered.

This protection is especially important if you need emergency care at a hospital. Stories from Floridians like you — stories about getting crazy bills for the ER, even though they went to a hospital on their health insurance — really helped convince lawmakers to make this change.

When lawmakers do the right thing — when they stand up for you even when the special interests are lobbying to block reform — we need to give them a round of applause. Please take a moment to thank your Florida Representative and Senator.

We’ve made it easy to say thank you. Click here to send a quick email to your Florida lawmakers.

Then share this post with friends and family so they can celebrate an end to surprise medical bills with you!

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One response to “Florida Victory: You Did It!”

  1. Jakob says:

    I’m complaining right now about this exact situation.

    I went to West Boca Medical Center (ER) for getting stitches for my 3 year old son forehead because he had fallen. West Boca Medical Center is in-network with my insurer Humana HMO and the hospital welcomed me with the same message. Then I get one statement from Humana a month after the stitches of 1430$, of in-network charges where Humana covered 1013$ and I had to pay 417$. We’ll that’s OK I thought, but another month after, I get another bill of 2,199$ from the hospital, which Humana will not pay, because they say they are out-network. What!?

    It turns out some of the actions performed was correctly in-network but the doctor doing the stitches was out-network. How on earth should I know that, and is this something you have to take decision on after been waiting for an hour in an in-network hospital????

    This is rip-off and tricking customers big time! 🙁

    When will this law change go into effect and will it cover ER visits prior to the law being in action?

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