Frustrated Activist Chats with Verizon about Robocalls

Maureen Mahoney
Public Policy Fellow

Thursday, May 14th, 2015
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People like Mike from Colorado are the driving force of this campaign. Mike shared his story to say he loves how well his Verizon service works in the mountains except for one big problem – Verizon doesn’t do enough to stop robocalls!

Mike is deluged with calls from “Rachel from Cardholder Services” – a scam featuring a pre-recorded message with an empty promise to lower interest rates. Mike sent us a transcript from his chat with a friendly representative from Verizon after he contacted Verizon in frustration with the unwanted calls:

“I get 2-3 Rachel of card services/day from phone numbers all over the country. I just read the FTC’s report on robo calling and Consumers Reports request of Verizon to help us stop these bothersome calls that use our time and waste our time.”

The Verizon representative was very nice, but revealed that Verizon doesn’t offer comprehensive solutions to stop these calls. She blocked the number that Mike saw on his caller ID, and instructed him to block selected numbers by manipulating his phone settings.

Unfortunately, as Mike pointed out, he receives these calls from several different numbers. Verizon leaves it to the consumer to react to unwanted calls and spend time blocking them.

The Verizon rep also offered to change Mike’s phone number: “If you continue to have trouble getting these calls, we can always change your telephone number as well.” Again, that’s a whole lot of effort and inconvenience for the consumer!

As Mike concluded: “Tell the Verizon Company one of their customers has asked Verizon to be a little more active in stopping these Rachel services. If North Korea can break into Sony surely my cell company can break Rachel calls to my cell phone. Thank you.”

We agree with Mike – the phone companies are in the perfect position to crack down on unwanted robocalls. Sign our petition to them to stop robocalls now!

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2 responses to “Frustrated Activist Chats with Verizon about Robocalls”

  1. Jill Spriggs says:

    This morning my 89 year old father, who suffers from dementia, received a phone call from someone promising to end his robocalls if he pays $389 (of course using his credit card!). He’s convinced they are all from the same person who tracked him down after I, in desperation, changed his telephone number for him! It’s bad enough my husband and I get more robocalls than real ones, but it’s a real problem for my father!

  2. Harvey Fleck says:

    Evil robocalls have been driving me out of my mind and we need to end this ripoff potential.

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