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Daniela Nuñez
Social Media Program Manager

Monday, January 9th, 2017

For months, hundreds of thousands of End Robocalls activists have joined us in pressing major phone companies to provide customers with free tools to stop robocalls.

The industry-led Robocall Strike Force, which includes representatives from all of the major phone companies, is supposed to develop “comprehensive solutions to prevent, detect, and filter unwanted robocalls.”

But the head of the Strike Force, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, is dragging his feet. While he stated at the last Strike Force meeting that he is “confident we will develop the tools to make this issue a thing of the past,” he still hasn’t provided any real solutions or timeline for when his own company AT&T will help customers block unwanted robocalls. AT&T recently launched a free robocall blocking app for some smartphone users, but the service won’t work in every location, and won’t work for landline or prepaid phone users. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, fed up with the Strike Force’s lack of progress, said that the “industry must be aggressive in achieving concrete deliverables.”

Chairman Wheeler gave the Strike Force six months to present concrete solutions, but phone customers have had enough. Whether you are a customer of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, CenturyLink, or another company, make sure Randall Stephenson hears from you! Starting this week, Consumers Union is organizing our most dedicated End Robocalls activists to take their robocall frustrations to Twitter and make sure Randall hears our demand: Lead the industry. End the robocalls now! 

How does it work? The next time you get a robocall, instead of hopelessly throwing your hands up in the air, whip out your laptop or smart phone and tweet that you #GotRobocalled. Be sure to include AT&T’s Twitter handles @ATT and @ATTCares  in your tweet text so their customer service representatives know that you want real call-blocking solutions now.

I will be checking your tweets in real-time so that we can amplify your message to our followers and inspire more people to join our #GotRobocalled social media swarm. 

When real people who get robocalls tweet #GotRobocalled, the harder it will be for Randall Stephenson to ignore the demands of consumers. We believe that he should act now, so that all phone companies in the Robocall Strike Force move swiftly to provide their customers free and effective tools to stop robocalls before they invade their homes.

We don’t know what’s stopping Randall from acting now, but we do know that we–frustrated robocall receivers–won’t be stopped. We’ll continue to speak out until our call for robocall solutions is heard.

Join our social media swarm today, and tweet whenever you get a robocall using the hashtag #GotRobocalled and include the handles @ATT and @ATTCares in your tweets. Get 10 robocalls in a day? Well, every tweet counts!

Not on Twitter? Here are other ways you can let Randall know you got robocalled.

While we’re kicking off this new action on Twitter, stay tuned for more ways to participate in our campaign social media actions! Follow us on Twitter @ConsumersUnion or email us at  

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