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Daniela Nuñez
Social Media Program Manager

Monday, February 1st, 2016

In August of 2014, Danny Postell’s son received care in an Intensive Care Unit at a Georgia hospital.  The hospital and almost all of the physicians involved were on Danny’s insurance network, but the doctor who oversaw his son’s care was out-of-network.  The Postells were unaware of this, not least because their son in ICU was on their mind.  Danny and his family received a surprise medical bill of almost $2,500 from this out-of-network provider.

When consumers buy health insurance, they should get what they pay for.  But as Danny Postell’s story shows us, too often consumers who have done nothing wrong get hit with surprise medical bills.  Consumers in Georgia are not getting the coverage they deserve.  That is why Consumers Union supports soon-to-be introduced legislation in Georgia to end surprise medical bills.

On Tuesday, February 2nd in downtown Atlanta, Julia Silas, a senior attorney for Consumers Union, will be joining a panel during a free breakfast event for consumers with Georgia Watch and Georgians for a Healthy Future.  Consumer advocates and story sharers, including Danny Postell, will join the event.  The panel will discuss possible legislative fixes to problems consumers are having with issues like surprise medical bills.

Thanks to the help of thousands of consumers, the Georgia legislature is paying attention to the issue of surprise medical bills.  Legislation will soon be introduced to protect consumers from surprise medical bills.  The February 2nd event will build momentum for surprise billing protections. If you’re in Atlanta tomorrow, join us at the Georgia Railroad Depot in the Blue Room for a free breakfast and frank discussion of what together we can do to make your health coverage work better. RSVP here. 

Just in time for the forum, Consumer Reports released initial results of a representative survey of 407 Georgia residents that found forty one percent of privately insured Georgia residents received a surprise medical bill where their health plan paid less than expected in the past two years. For more info on our survey, click here.

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