Great Media Coverage on Robocalls Campaign in Wake of FCC Proposal

Maureen Mahoney
Public Policy Fellow

Friday, May 29th, 2015

Here at End Robocalls campaign HQ we’re still celebrating your most recent victory: the FCC announced on Wednesday a plan to make it clear it’s the phone companies who need to do more to stop unwanted robocalls. The FCC says companies should offer what over 325,000 of us have already demanded: effective robocall-blocking options, for free.

After word broke of the announcement, Robocall campaign director Tim Marvin spoke to the Los Angeles Times. Tim pointed out: “Virtually every American is signed up for the Do Not Call list, and if you ask them they’ve probably received a robocall in the past week,” and noted, “Unfortunately, the technology has surpassed the Do Not Call list.”

Tim also spoke to the Willis Report on Fox Business. Check out his interview here.

The Associated Press quoted CU policy counsel Delara Derakhshani: “This should clear the way for companies to offer the call-blocking tools that people want to stop robocalls from invading their homes morning, noon and night. Millions of fed-up consumers could finally get some real relief.”

We’re thrilled about the FCC’s proposal and the great initial media coverage. We’re told the FCC will vote on this proposal to make it formal on June 18. And we’re got some tricks up our sleeves for that date to ensure your message gets even more attention.

We’ll keep you posted on that, but today we continue to celebrate being one step closer to the goal.

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One response to “Great Media Coverage on Robocalls Campaign in Wake of FCC Proposal”

  1. Douglas Wilson says:

    I feel that it should be illegal for any telemarketer to use an automated dialing device or recording.

    It should also be the telephone companies responsibility to remove service from any company that gets more than 2 complaints.

    If these companies are required to have real people dialing and talking, it may become cost prohibitive for them to operate.

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