Huge Victory! FCC Ruling Should Clear Way for Telecoms to Act to End Robocalls

Maureen Mahoney
Public Policy Fellow

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

All of your amazing hard work has paid off. The FCC is finally saying what we’ve said all along: it’s time for phone companies to offer effective call-blocking options for consumers! It not only affirms phone companies’ right to provide these tools – it tells them to do so!

Today, the FCC announced several important proposals: “[W]e are giving the green light for robocall-blocking technology, declaring that these market-based solutions can be offered without violating our call-completion rules. The FCC wants to make it clear: telephone companies can – and in fact should – offer consumers robocall-blocking tools.”

We couldn’t have achieved this without your help. Over 50,000 people signed our petition directly to the FCC, urging them to make clear phone companies’ right to allow consumers to opt-in to robocall blocking. And 130,000 signed our petition to the FCC asking them to keep strong rules protecting your cell phones from robocalls.

Though consumers lodged thousands of complaints over unwanted calls to the FCC, and millions of complaints to the FTC, phone companies have dragged their feet in offering consumers, particularly those with traditional landlines, effective call-blocking tools. Some industry representatives have argued that telecos don’t have the legal right to engage in large-scale call-blocking.

Now, phone companies will have no more excuses – it’s time to offer free tools to block robocalls!

The FCC has also proposed to protect consumers from robocalls by making it easier to opt-out of unwanted robocalls. They will also address some potential loopholes in the robocall rules that companies would like to exploit. However, the FCC will permit some exemptions to the rules on robocalls to your cell phones, for example regarding medication refills and bank fraud alerts.

You can read the FCC’s announcement here. More details are expected in the days ahead – we will keep you updated as they come in.

Now, it’s time to turn our focus on the phone companies to demand that they offer free tools to block robocalls now – join the 325,000 people who have already signed the petition!

Click HERE To Sign The Petition To End Robocalls!

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203 responses to “Huge Victory! FCC Ruling Should Clear Way for Telecoms to Act to End Robocalls”

  1. Peter Gamaxia says:

    I am getting 5-10 calls from these bastards daily. I am in sales and cannot afford not to take the call, and it is so anoying to end a conversation because you don’t want to miss the next sale, to find out it was a scammer.

    Telcoms are NOT BLOCKING THEM, it has been 6 months since the ruling and I still get them.

    We should do a class action lawsuit to the TelComs due to loss in productivity and invasion of privacy.

  2. I Stringflux says:

    Any and all owner’s information should not be shared. My rights and the trust of service should not be violated by any company.

  3. Philip says:

    My phone, my home, MY PAYMENT RESPONSIBILITY. I give my phone number to people I want to speak with. I do not give it willingly to a Robo computer. Permission NOT granted!!!

    End this insanity, PLEASE!!!

  4. Barbara Popin says:

    Robo calls are a nuisance and an invasion of our privacy. They seem to come at any time of the day, even really early in the AM and after business hours. They must be stopped!!!

  5. ronnie rosenzweig says:

    Shouldn’t have to be dealt with. Annoying, and an invasion of my well being. Most of the time they do phishing. Violation of my civil rights.

  6. Please stop robo calls. We receive at least 10 per day. Very annoying and a waste of our time.

  7. Don Darko says:


  8. Greg S. Cole says:

    We have a home phone that is nothing but an answering machine to WEED-OUT the robo calls & telemarketers. We NEVER answer this phone. we listen to the messages 1-2 times per week, deleting the vast majority. The robo calls I am sure never leave a message, so we are not certain how many are missed. Our cell phones are now are main way to communicate. These to are now being hit with these types of calls. It is slowly getting worse.
    The phone companies can do something, and don’t, then its about money. The FCC should VASTLY penalize for the inaction. This is, and has been ridiculous for years.
    Stop talking…..Start doing.

  9. Sharon says:

    I’m averaging over 28 robot-calls a week. That’s 112 unwanted calls a month disturbing my home! I am paying for a service that someone else is using to invade my privacy and make it so I cannot even answer my own phone. Neither I, nor anyone else, is interested in anything these sleaze bags are selling. Anyone who has to stoop so low to get customers is a scam artist in the first place. Reputable companies don’t have to resort to robot-calls to get customers.The excellence of their products speak for themselves. Phone companies CAN and MUST do something about this. I suggest we, the consumer, vow not to pay our phone bills for one month unless they vow to put an end to this unlawful invasion. After all, it is their equipment they’re allowing to be used to break the no-call law. Can’t they be held liable? How many more people have to complain? Trust me, the only thing phone companies will understand is if we hit them in the pocketbook, and REFUSE to pay our bills until they protect us from their other scum bag customers. Do that and you won’t believe how fast they’ll come up with a solution!

  10. Phyllis Adams says:

    I receive 10 -12 requests on behalf of some good cause to save the rivers, the salmon, the porpoises, a woman’s right to have an abortion, etc. This one is for me and my sanity. Thanks for doing anything and everything to stop robocalls.

    • Carole ONeill says:

      Please end annoying robo calls!
      I wait and wait when the phone rings for SOMEONE to answer- I have elderly people in my family so I don’t want to hang up thinking it’s one of them instead of these annoying and unnecessary calls and ones I thought I put on the do not call list. Ones I asked not to call back and they do anyway ( and don’t say report them as it does NO go anyway)
      Please just make them go away! PLEASE

  11. Donald R says:

    Thanks for doing something right for the consumer. No more robo calls!!!!

  12. Ed Kulas says:

    Ending ROBO calls is a good start – one small step – but there is much much more to do. Ending robocalls is a nice and necessary step but do you think the harassment will end? We will then be betting harassed, threatened, scammed by more “human” callers. In addition to robocalls, my elderly mother is targeted by “human” callers from around the world every day. We have paid for an unlisted number for about 10 years, but if you search mom’s number on the web, you can find her age, address, home value, type of home, size of home, relations. So mom is harassed endlessy by alarm scammers, solar energy scammers, vacation scammers, even threats from a fradulent IRS auditor. Scammers can easily purchase lists of people that they want to target – typically the vulnerable and well off elderly. Vendors and authorities say that information is public – but why? Can we make property transactions non – public so that the elderly aren’t targeted? Can we require list sellers to get our permission to sell information about us? Can we require that list vendors to remove all phone numbers that are unlisted – why the heck are we paying for unlisted numbers anyway? Can we require phone companies to provide the option to block ALL international calls? Can we require the phone companies to provide means to block an unlimited amount of numbers and area codes? Imagine how good honest hard working bill paying citizens would flock to the first phone company that offered such services.

    Please continue the fight Consumers Union, FTC, FCC, and .Attorney’s General. Don’t stop now


  13. Stu Dvoret says:

    I want Cox Cable to provide the necessary tools to block the robo-calls.

  14. Rigoberto Cintron says:

    I do not want to receive any more robo calls.
    It is very annoying and a waist of time and energy.

  15. Chelsea Schalton says:

    I received a robocall from a local politician on Memorial Day. He went on and on about how he was going to ensure Virginia continued to support veterans. Ugh! This was my day off and I was doing something. When the phone rang, I stopped my project because I thought my family was calling. Can’t wait until robocalls are gone for good.

  16. Judith Hicks says:

    Enough already! This has to stop. Just recently, Verizon offered to block all calls from “anonymous.” Hopefully, they will step up and offer us complete deletion of these annoying robo calls.

  17. G Forest says:

    Does anyone use an Automated Attendant device on their standard phone line? This would answer each call before the home phone rings and requires the called to dial “1 for Bob, 2 for Jill etc. This will also end it.

    The new VoIP services may also have this.

  18. If companies using robocalling devices do not understand the words “No More Calls”; or have problems in respecting consumers’ rights, THEY SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS BY OUR GOVERNMENT AFTER ISSUING EXTREME FINES TO THEM FOR VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS!

    • G Forest says:

      While Comcast’s digital telephone service is poor, they do support “Advanced Call Forwarding” when setup on the web, for one phone number on each account. You set this up along with a free account on NOMOROBO and you phone only rings once when a known robocaller arrives. They do this through a “simultaneous ring” feature. When your number rings, it alo rings at NOMOROBO; if it matches their blacklist (derived from the donotcall list), they answer and hang-up.

  19. Sophie Gibson says:

    We have Cox, but don’t have any special ring tones for out of area calls. My house phones have a call blocker, but I had to block so many calls that it was full. Now if I want to block a new caller, I have to unblock one number to enter another. That is ridiculous. The phone company should block those calls for us. We still get two or three call every day even though we don’t answer them.

    Phone companies, do something now!

  20. We are so fortunate that on our phone system (through Cox Cable) has a distinct double ring for all calls outside our
    area code! Most of our robo calls are on long distance calls.
    I kept track of one such (jerk) robo call number. It rang 4 times a day for 14 weeks!!! I recognize friends/family long distance numbers, so we can avoid all those horrible robo L.D. calls on our land line. I simply don’t answer them!

  21. I get robocalls on my cell phone,and when I call back,the number isn’t working. no one has my cell phone number, I don’t know how these companies get it.

  22. A.Brown says:

    Please offer us free means to rid ourselves of these nuisances – who are often rude, as well.

  23. Grace Helu-Lara says:

    Just imagine if some stranger would ring your doorbell several times a day, 7 days a week, at any time of the day–and you couldn’t do a thing about it. That’s how we feel: harassed, besieged, disrespected and, worse of all, powerless, because those who have the authority to stop this insane and ineffective “marketing” practice only respond to the phone companies’ financial interests. It’s time for them to work for us.

  24. Ruth Peterson says:

    I don’t want robocalls, except……now we get school closings and city health and safety information, electric company repair updates, your prescription is ready, etc. calls that I do want to get. Hopefully there will be some way these can still get through.

  25. Donna Clark says:

    Robocalls AND Fake Caller ID need to be banned. The phone companies can and Should Ban these types of calls. why should I have to listen to the recording from Rebecca about my credit card interest rate.

  26. Dean Dunham says:

    In our 70’s, we keep a land line for emergency use and for a weekly conference call. The number of robo calls that we get makes us think we are paying way too much for nuisance, and we might as well drop the land line to stop paying for the irritation.

  27. Don peters says:

    Please, stop these robo calls…we are both 85 yrs old

  28. SoBoRower says:

    Has anyone had any success in getting Verizon to block calls? I’ve tried this morning after getting 15 calls in 15 minutes from one unidentified number, but only advice is to register with Do Not Call, something I did 5 years ago. Advice welcome!

  29. Sue Brooks says:

    Our phone companies now need to provide us with FREE and effective Robocall blocking.

    I already have a phone system that allows me to enter incoming caller phone numbers for blocking. However, there’s a limit to how many numbers can be blocked. And I have found that when you have a particular company’s number blocked, they start calling you from another number, and another number, and another. The only answer is for our phone companies to make it happen.

  30. These clls are clearly an invasion of privacy! It is way past the time to do something about it. Let’s put a stop to this vile process. I would like to see an end to the political parties and their candidates using a phone process to communicate. Putting it more simply, when the phone rings, I pick it up, and if there is a delay, I hang up. Most of the time, I let my answering machine take the call.

  31. Julie Tschanz says:

    robo-calls are a great annoyance. my voice mail kicks in after 4 rings – it may take 6 rings for me to get to the phone. with caller ID, I do not answer 800#s, “unavailable”, “not in service” ( how can you make a call if the # is not in service”,and other calls whose IDs I recognize. if “you are very important to us – please stay on the line”. I have to answer calls from “private”and our local area code, since they might be important. Charities and political parties are the worst – you can opt out “only for this campaign” of course a new campaign starts daily. I make NO donations over the phone, but this does not stop them!

    • It is long over due for Robocalls to be stopped!! So glad to here that phone companies can now stop them. I have been using Nomorobo for over two years and it has eliminated over have the calls.

  32. Robert Murray says:

    Robocalls should be able to stopped, it is that simple.

  33. Cecilia Rivera says:

    This should also apply to cell phones, too. Not just to land lines, solely.

  34. marion Brecht says:

    I do not want to receive any more robo calls.
    It is very annoying and a waist of time and energy.

  35. Chris Mendola says:

    No one wants to waste their time being bothered by unsolicited phone calls, especially us senior citizens who have trouble getting up and moving to answer an unnecessary phone call.

  36. Susan Schwartz says:

    Robo calls are annoying and sometimes dangerous for the elderly and disabled to answer.

  37. Garry says:

    I agree no more robocalls!

  38. Ronnie says:

    No more robocalls, please

  39. My telephone server is Time-Warner

  40. Bill Rabkin says:

    in 2012, the FCC revised its Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) rules to require telemarketers to provide an automated, interactive “opt-out” mechanism during each robocall so consumers can immediately tell the telemarketer to stop calling. Yet today — some 3 years later — most telemarketer and robocalls do not offer such a mechanism, or if offered it is completely ignored, and the calls continue.

    Unfortunately, I predict that three years from now we will still be regularly annoyed by these intrusive calls from companies that act as though laws and regulations do not apply to them.

  41. Alan Jones says:

    At the moment, T-Mobile is my service provider. However, I’m changing to Verizon soon. I get over 30 robo calls per day. Just let me know how I can get them stopped…


  43. AT&T is my service provider. How do I get them to block these annoying calls?.

  44. Marilyn Barb says:

    I get at least 5 or 6 of these calls a day. Thank God I have caller ID, but they are still annoying having to listen to the phone ring 5 times until the answering machine picks up! Please do something about these calls.

  45. Jessie Vosti says:

    I hate it when elections roll around and those robocalls ring incessantly. Yea…Down With Robocalls!!!






  51. Rich Riggs says:

    AT&T is my local service provider so how do I get them to block these annoying calls.

  52. Scott Bale says:

    What a waste of my time. More often than not, robocallers hang up on me either before or after I say hello, and some of them DARE to simply say “goodbye”! Often I say hello many times before getting an annoying and LOUD beep(ing) in the earpiece of my phone that does nothing but PISS ME OFF!! It’s about time that this is put a stop to, AND it SHOULDN’T COST ME A DIME to get rid of the annoying attempts of others to swindle money out of me. GET RID OF THIS ANNOYANCE….FOREVER…FOR FREE!

  53. REv Foxxy says:

    Telemarketing has opened a spam bag of worms with a side of scams for the unwary. Let us block such unwanted and risky behavior

  54. Never have I responded to a phone solicitation, by machine or human, by accepting what is said or offered. An option for those of us who would desperately prefer such calls to be blocked is long overdue.

  55. Perry Hammond says:

    Robocalls are on-going harrassments in the privacy of our home.

  56. Janet Mullen says:

    Robocalls are a huge waste of my time and not at all effective, except to annoy me. Now that the phone company is legally allowed to block these, I expect this technology to be available to me, and if it isn’t, each robocall will tell me how little I am valued by the phone company.

  57. mike morgan says:

    No more robocalls, please.

  58. G L says:

    Don’t get overoptimistic yet! This isn’t victory and even if the telcoms do their best, we need more tools to win this war.
    1. Because of ID ‘spoofing’ there are several vulnerabilities. In the cases where the telcom does know the true call source, they should be required to correct any recognized spoofed ID to render callers responsible for their actions. Don’t let people confuse you: this is a responsibility issue, not a privacy issue. If someone wants privacy, don’t call me.
    2. In the case of calls from locations that do not provide ID that can be traced (usually 3rd world countries), the caller ID should be prefixed with a universal prefix; I suggest “FU” to mean ‘Fraudulent or otherwise Unidentified’.
    3. Although some perpetrators enjoy legally protected rights, they in particular should be held to a higher rather than a lower standard of responsibility. Especially severe criminal penalties should be attached to the failure of any exempt organization and individual within the organization to comply with ID regulations or in any way hamper the ability of the call receiver to identify them before and after answering the phone.
    This list is incomplete, but illustrates how much we yet have to accomplish.

  59. Pamela Payne says:

    I am so tired of being disrupted and harassed by these robocalls. They interfere with my daily activities, cost me money and minutes on my cell phone. I have received as many as 42 in a single day.ENOUGH! We consumers NEVER wanted them and should not have to pay to stop them!

  60. Mike frank Perushek says:

    end robocalls. And punish anyone doing them or allowing them to be used for this illegal behavior. . . with prison time. Enough with the measly fines as they do not work.

  61. Michael Praytor says:

    Needs to be illegal. I do not pay for telephone service in order for company after company to use it to interrupt my life while trying to sell me something I neither need nor want without any concern whatsoever for my wishes.

  62. Richard Demarest says:

    Would be great if this happens – these calls have been annoying me for decades.

  63. Alan Heerwagen says:

    It must stop as this is predatory and bad business.

  64. L. Leong says:

    I can’t tell you how many unsolicited calls I receive on a daily basis. ENOUGH!! All blocked calls should include political (although I know THAT won’t go away), telemarketers and, in general, anyone else I haven’t given my phone number to.

  65. Dale Patrick says:

    It should not be hard to block unsolicited commercials without cutting out messages from causes.

  66. Jody Wood says:

    Please stop robo calls! I am on the do not call list and receive more calls now than ever before. It must stop!

  67. Ronald W Leber says:

    I am extremely disturbed by these robo calls. I finally unplugged my land line phone and don’t answer it because I can’t hear the ring tone. I am still paying for the land-line service. Then I receive these calls on my Cell phone. Please help! Stop these invaders from polluting my space.

    Ronald W Leber

  68. Arlene Russell says:

    As a handicapped elderly person, I could not be happier than to quiet the calls from Medicare suckers who want to send me devices to take blood sugar (I don’t have diabetes), to send me a power chair supposedly free but paid by Medicare, or a necklace to call for help when I fall. I welcome not being annoyed over and over by companies who consider Medicare money free!

  69. Louis Falkner says:

    I hope this includes the political ads. Let’s get it done before the New Year, 2016

  70. Kathy M says:

    Time to not only get rid of robo calls, but to get rid of telemarketing. I have a life that I want to enjoy and do not want calls from people who are not family, friends or business associates.

  71. Erin Jones says:

    As an educated consumer, any purchase of goods or services I wish to make are initiated by me. I wouldn’t purchase alarm systems, cruises, HVAC service, magazines, etc through a random stranger on the phone anymore than I’d purchase groceries from a stranger on the phone, because they called and asked if I was hungry.

    There is NO benefit to a consumer to allow people to offer things like student loan consolidation or the lowering of credit card rates, for huge fees , when it can be done for FREE through credible sources. Then there are the even worse scams – like the fake computer error “fixing” that leaves your computer remotely in someone else’s hands. There is zero reason to NOT give consumers every free tool necessary to block these victimizers & criminals.

    Free blocking tools would also benefit the various telecoms by reducing the number or calls, emails, & complaints you receive from your own customers That is dollar savings for YOU in the form of less manpower having to go towards complaint investigation & resolution. Please empower consumers by giving them every tool available to protect themselves, their families & loved ones, and their privacy. Thank you.

  72. Lamar Myers says:

    If we all could call the robocalls sponsors executives at dinner time I feel assured the calls would stop.

  73. Elena lutz says:

    no more robocalls

  74. Richard Adelmann says:

    please stop the robocalls, please. pleaseeeee

  75. wayne churchill says:

    I am a senior handicap it is hard to answerer these bull crap calls

  76. Too many junk calls coming in including some after 9 p.m. at night, none of which are pertinent or wanted. Being on the “DO NO CALL” list doesn’t help much. Please do whatever necessary to end this scourge, thank you!

  77. I would like to add my heartfelt thanks for this action. I am so sick of the never ending robo calls, and all the other unsolicited calls I receive day in and day out. I purchased a call blocker and it helps but so many of these corrupt people and companies just change their phone numbers. One credit card scam even uses my telephone number on my caller I.D. We have no right to expect privacy anymore and it’s maddening to have to pay $100.00 and more to purchase call blockers. Please keep up the good work and prosecute as many as these pests as possible. I promise you, the American people will thank you.

  78. Delia Binder says:

    No robocalls – ever again!

  79. John Helms says:

    We often do not answer calls assuming they are robocalls. Consequently, we sometimes miss calls from friends and business calls. The calls have become such an intrusion that we have considered giving up our landline.

  80. Kathleen Klein says:

    Over the years robocalls have not only been irritating but distressing. When my parents were hospitalized and when other family members were ill, I ran to answer the phone when it rang expecting to hear from the doctors and it was a robocall. Politicians, company’s offering medical alert devices, offers to reduce my interest rate….the last two accompanied with the message that this was the last call I would receive if I failed to push 3 which was a lie. The calls came through for consecutive days, at any hour. I don’t want these calls ever again. It would be wonderful to block these calls.

  81. Julia Carr says:

    Thank you – Thank you – Thanks to EVERY ONE who joined
    in this effort!! It took more than a village – and it worked!!

  82. Leah Cohen- Belknap says:

    I can be diapering my son and the phone rings, thinking it’s my husband, I rush to answer it and it’s one of these robocalls. They are more than annoying, they interrupt everything I try to do with my newborn. I would like them to stop. Please get rid of them.

  83. Bernie waltzer says:

    A person has to be pretty stupid to buy anything that started with a robocall. I guess that there are enough stupid people to make robo- calling profitable.

  84. montie says:

    families sitting with loved ones who are dying will answer the phone thinking it is a call they need to take-=-robocalls are emotional abuse anyway but especially in times that are tense—stop the calls

  85. I have a home business. I have often hung up early on a business call because I have a call coming in. Often that call is a robo-call or other type of telemarketer. It disrupts my work and my productivity as these calls continue into the evenings and weekends. They hang up if you try to follow up the call by finding out who is calling. Can’t imagine people still fall for this stuff.

  86. Don’t block ROBOCALS.
    That’s right. It is not the right way of handling the problem.
    Some of these robocals do provide good needed services.
    To correctly handle the problem the phone companies should just charge more to these businesses making these robocalls. If anything, price them out of business. And to be extra nice to the rest of us any “excess” payments received from these RoboCompanies can be given back to the public in the form of billing credits.

    • Steve says:

      The only robocall that provides a service is the pharmacy. If they are not making thousands of automated calls, put a person on the other end.

  87. They may stop for a hour but then call from another number. Like a bad rash you can not get rid of them. Good luck trying.

  88. Rick Farfsing says:

    Now let’s work to stop all the foolish political-type robo-calls and “surveys” too!

  89. Andrew Rowlas says:

    These are obnoxious and unnecessary calls that interrupt my activities. I did not request these people to call and I don’t want to receive them. It is not easy to have one’s name and phone call taken off their lists.

  90. JVRLA says:

    Alleluia! Amen! Can’t wait to get the tools to squash this nuisance. I will definitely consider what tools are made available by my phone service provider.

  91. Marilynne Morley says:

    The calls come at the most inconvenient times. I will ban usage of any company that makes a robot call to either phone. I do screen my calls but if accidentally answered I immediately hang up.

  92. Mary G. says:

    STOP THE ROBO CALLS NOW!!! So annoying! Thanks. 🙂

  93. kevin says:

    This is also an invasion of privacy.. Please stop !! No robocalls.

  94. Jack McGuire says:

    Our phone rings incessantly with these calls–we are reduced to filtering all our calls through our answering machine. Many of them hang up on you while you’re in the middle of officially asking them to desist. Others ignore such requests.
    BAN ALL robo calls–and exact large penalties on those who refuse to cooperate.

  95. Marlene Damo says:

    I am a middle class citizen with average discretionary income, yet I receive at least 20 calls per week. Do they really think that beginning the call with “Don’t Hang Up” will make me listen to the rest? Please stop them.

  96. Nan says:

    I am disabled and the robo calls cause me to get to a phone to see if it is a legitimate call. I truly hope that this action will cause the telephone companies to comply and stop the calls! And, often they come at dinner time or even late into the evening. This is an invasion of our privacy. Please take all additional action to stop all robo calls!

  97. P Gray says:

    I have almost 400 robo calls since Jan1 2015. I’m sick of the dam calls! The FTC does NOT enforce the law! Usual members sosdd. Please do anything to end these calls. It is all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in this country today.

  98. TJR says:

    This is also an invasion of privacy.. Please!! No robocalls.

  99. Beata Riedlmayer says:

    It is very important to stop the onslaught of robocalls.
    Robocalls are not just annoying and intrusive. It is even worse that they interrupt our lives, our conversations with others, our sleep, our work … such a call is always unsolicited (at least in the choice of timing, etc.).

    The calls can also have nasty consequences. Old people may turn off the ringers to stop the invasion, or leave the line engaged — I have encountered this situation, and it was pretty bad because actual humans could not communicate at a critical time.

    We are saying NO, and our right to do so must be protected at no cost.

  100. James says:

    I am 72 years of age with insomnia, along with other chronic illnesses. These relentless phone calls add to deteriorating health! Mine and others!

  101. BarbaraSmith says:

    I have many more things to do with my life other than answering phone calls for stuff I don’t want. Those calls are not only tiresome but also downright aggravating – in fact, infuriating !

  102. Anpeo Carpenter says:

    No robocalls!!!!

  103. Carl Henny says:

    It’s about time. After receiving 3 to 5 robocalls per day over the last 2 to 3 years from callers who represent “Construction” companies, I have become very selective about answering my phone. I’m sick of hearing that they talked to me last year about remodeling. This continual invasion into my private life is absolutely unacceptable.

  104. Tim says:

    I feel like a victim that they can get to at will. Their greed needs to stop at my personal, private life.

  105. Bob Beck says:

    I just LOVE it when I answer a robo-call and NO ONE is there!
    One firm started calling last week…from the “Windows” desk at the rate of four calls an hour! I told them to take me off there list. Yah, I’m laughing about that too! But at least they haven’t called me back since those 8 quick calls. I really want to block them now. I wonder how much this is going to cost me……..

  106. Terry Thompson says:

    How can I make Century Link start blocking robo calls to me?

  107. We are tired of the robocalls which we receive several times a day, in spite of being on the do-not-call list, snf tyhe political season when robocalls multiply like rabbits, hasn’t yet started. Please give us a free opt out for all robocalls.

  108. It’s about time because the federal “Do Not Call Registry” doesn’t work. I get 3+ calls per day and sometimes up to 7 BS calls. It wastes my time!

  109. Jim O'Hearn says:

    These calls are an invasion of my time, schedule, and personal life. And because their caller ID’s do not accurately identify them, I’m forced to answer in case it’s something important. The Do Not Call Registry is not effective. If I wanted contact with these people, I’d initiate it!

    • Steve says:

      Make it illegal to spoof a phone number. Call screening doesn’t work. You still have to be disturbed by the phone ringing and having to check the caller ID. When your answering machine picks up it tells them that they have a working number. Companies make a lot of money selling lists of working numbers. It doesn’t cost them anything to keep on calling. I have a program on my computer that blocks calls that I have identified as unwanted. It plays the disconnected number tone, which is supposed to delete you from their list, and plays a not in service message. Has very little effect on the volume of calls.

  110. Marnia Robinson JD says:

    This action is way overdue. Our phone is currently unusable. We learned by traveling that the more robo calls you answer, the more you receive. So we have to screen all calls via answering machine. This is more than invasion of privacy. It’s the hijacking of people’s phone service, which they, not the robots, have paid for.

  111. David Lerman says:

    Get rid of robot calls. If needed, get the NSA to track them down and close the culprits

  112. John Gillett says:

    WAY overdue. Congrats, CU. Now to get the phone companies to go along with it.

  113. Linda R. Devendorf says:

    This is great news! We are inundated, and always at dinnertime. It’s about time!

  114. Thomas Brady says:

    I have installed an app on my cable company site that does a pretty good job of blocking (I was getting calls 3-4 times a day from US Pharmacy always with a different number), The app is preventing these calls but now they’re calling my cell phone.

    STOP ROBO-CALLING ASAP, so we (consumers) can remain sane and relax in the evening!!!

    Hooray for Consumers Union for a fantastic job on behalf of consumers.

  115. It’s about time because the federal “Do Not Call Registry” doesn’t work. I get 3+ calls per day and sometimes up to 7 BS calls. It wastes my time!

    • SirKnight says:

      The gov “Do Not Call process” is a pain too because you have to enter each number individually even if it’s the same caller using a rotating series of numbers!

  116. Vilma Romay says:

    it been more than 2years of suffering for this nonsense , is about time, congratulations ,

  117. Lupe says:

    We need peace and quiet!. I work nights some times and can’t sleep because of those calls.

  118. Jim Lathrop says:

    Long past due. Now maybe we can have a quiet evening at home.

  119. Phyllis Robinson says:

    They “can”, but WILL they?

  120. Esther Mendenhall Batterton says:

    People invading our lives and filling with unwanted phone calls is just taking our freedom and peace and quiet!

  121. karyn contino says:

    it would be interesting if we could measure the number of accidents people suffer each year, in an attempt to answer their phones only to find it a robocall. I am in business and despise these annoying and unwanted interruptions in my day. Please do what you can to make the telephone carriers bypass these calls.

  122. We subscribe to and pay for a phone service for the convinence of my family, friends and business associates. Not for sales calls or interruptions. They want to contact us they can offer to pay a portion of our subscriber fee. Otherwise it is my phone for my use and not intended to be a marketing conduit without my prior approval.

  123. Roger Bates says:

    If a number is blocked or the number is not in my phone I just don’t answer. I miss some calls this way, but answering robo-calls is not an option.

  124. Douglas Knowles says:

    I have found the robocalls to be an extreme inconvience. I hope that the political robocalls at election time are also stopped. Please encorage all those doing so to stop, now!
    How about those rediculous survey calls as well? I think I get a few of those each week,too. They need to stop those as well.

    • Steve says:

      If this goes through I think we should be able to opt out of political calls and those supposedly from companies that I already do business with. We’re bombarded by thousands of political ads, I don’t need them calling my house. If I need to contact a business I will call THEM.

  125. Charles Thomas says:

    Robo-callers are trespassing and must be fenced out.

  126. Mark Wallace says:

    Please stop robocalls now!

  127. Lee S. says:

    Don’t get your expectations up for the government solving this.
    All of our family’s cell phone, home phone and business phone numbers (six in all) are kept on the “Do Not Call” list and nothing is ever with our specific violation complaints. They don’t bother to go after violators, even though they can clean their call list for free, at the “Do Not Call” site.

    Government may be energized to provide blanket limits on communications and free speech, but they will not have the energy to provide specific remedy—typical government.

    Use caller I.D.

  128. Mark Boehlen says:

    Robo calls are an unwanted distraction in our lives. I pay a significant amount to AT&T for two land lines and 4 cell phones. Blocking this outrageous intrusion should be included in the package.

  129. Linda says:

    Stop these annoying phone calls now. Got one last evening at 10pm, very annoying as I was already sleeping!!!

  130. Mark Wallace says:

    Robocalls are so annoying! Please stop them now!

  131. Nancy Miller says:

    I am tired of all the unwanted calls. I am a senior citizen and it is very inconvenient .

  132. I do business in forty-nine states and eighteen countries, so I can not afford to clear important calls. I call for making these calls illegal for commercial, political, and unlawful use.

    • Lee S. says:

      Political calls are legal, so are calls from non-profits and calls from anyone you do business with (Do you think politicians will, or should make political calls illegal?).

      • Kathy says:

        ALL telemarketing calls, whether political, from charities, or businesses should be ILLEGAL. These intrusive calls should be banned altogether, whether they are robocalls or people calling. I don’t want to get calls from ANYONE unless they are family, friends, or places to which I called for a service such as my plumber. Enough already!!

  133. Alan Strong says:

    # 38 is kidding right? Does he/she really believe that A PHONE Company will actually give you service without added cost?

  134. RiverRat37 says:

    This is way, way past due. Now WE must force the telco’s to get onboard and provide us with first-class technology to block them. Get on it. NOW!

  135. Bob Krampetz says:

    Phone ID helps, but it’s not enough. Blocking will help more.
    How will this blocking work? Do I need to list all I’ll accept? Or ??

  136. Claire putman says:

    Stop robo calls. I have been ill and lay down in the afternoon when,you guessed it, robo call. M.any calls also come in as late as 9:30pm or at meal time.

  137. Claire putman says:

    Stop robo calls. I have been ill and lay down in the afternoon when you guessed it, robo call. M.any calls also come in as late as 9:30pm or at meal time.

  138. it is about time I get 15-20 per week this is getting out of hand I am so happy fcc finally stepped in thank you

  139. Jerry Brown says:

    On average, we receive 1 to 2 robocalls on a daily basis. The FTC needs to mandate that our service providers must provide free blocking service for customers.

  140. D. Magidson says:

    Thanks to the hitherto spineless FCC for finally doing what it should have accomplished years ago. Having done nothing for years to stop robocalls and punish those who unleashed them on the public, the FCC should come down like a ton of bricks on the telephone companies if they don’t provide free robocall blocking services without further inexcusable delay.

    Canada has already compelled free robocall blocking, and so MUST the United States!

  141. SG says:

    I’m sure the phone companies will make us buy a block RoboCalls package which will be annoying but I guess that’s better than nothing. I would just like to see them offer something without hooking it to more money $$

  142. Linda arnold says:

    Thank you so very much. Now these telephone companies should step up and do their part! Once again thanks for finally getting something done.

  143. Jon D. Kelley says:

    Now, if we can just finish the job, and get this to include POLITICAL calls as well! I hate election season…

  144. Bonita Brooks says:

    AT&T is already blocking robocalls from my landline. Now it is time for them to block robocalls from cellphones also. It’s about time someone stands up to this issue. I am getting tired of Robocalls interrupting my life all during the day and sometimes on weekends. Thank you!!

    • David Urman says:

      Bonita, How on earth did you get AT&T to block robocalls on your landline? I’d like to do that too!

  145. Richard S. says:

    The sooner that this gets rolled out to consumers, the better! I’m tired of having to use my answering machine and/or voicemail to front end all incoming calls. Robo-callers are the bottom feeders of the sales world. Past time for them to find a legitimate means to earn a living.

  146. Susan Redeford says:

    I don’t want the robo-calls !!!

  147. Yvan Gentillon says:

    Telemarketers are willing to waste *my* time with robo-calls

  148. Sandra M Cheney says:

    I screen my calls. If it is important, they will start to leave a message, then I will pick it up immediately. Otherwise, I ignore it. You don’t have to answer the phone! The fewer people answer the phone, the less effective these phone calls will become. Yes, we deserve free blocking of these calls for the mere intrusion and annoyance they cause!

  149. Susan Conwell says:

    I also hate robocalls. Were they paying for my phone service, I might have a little more sympathy. However… the phone is there for MY needs and not theirs. Unfortunately, my state exempted politicos and non-profits from the no-call list, so I (unfortunately) expect that we shall be unable to blow them out of the water… only private for-profit companies trying to “sell” us.

  150. BILL REYNOLDS says:

    How can get our phone company to make this available.

  151. Jim Strohm says:

    It’s not just that this is a long time coming, nor that it should have been done years ago, nor any other excuse.

    The various telcos should have been blocking these illegal calls — calls with spoofed CIDs, calls to numbers on the do-not-call list, ANY robocall that’s not explicitly allowed by law — since the first day of the DNC list.

    Because — every one of these calls constitutes a separate crime, and every telco that propagates these calls becomes an accessory to that crime. Multiply that by millions of calls a day, and the penalties add up.

    Now we EASILY have the capability to block these calls from ever entering the PSTN. By doing that, it’ll dramatically lower PSTN congestion as well as celphone system congestion. It might even result in a few of us hating our providers just a little less.

  152. Gordon Ellis says:

    I hate when I am expecting an important call, pick up the phone, and it is some robot calling to sell me something I don’t want. It’s time all the phone companies honored the people who pay for their services, by blocking or helping us block these calls. That’s why there is a “Do Not Call” list.

  153. About time! Now we need to get the advertisers on TV to lower the volume on all commercials. I thought this was taken care of but they are back to there old ways. Please make it stop.

  154. AMM says:

    I love it when I get a call from Bridgett from my own phone number!

  155. Joanne Macias says:

    I am so happy that this worked! Now we need to make the advertisers on television to lower the volume. I thought they already resolved that one but they are right back to there old and annoying volume! Make it STOP! Thank you for listening.

  156. CLG says:

    As I’m writing the phone is ringing….and guess whose calling…yup robo-caller. It’s was wayyyy past due….I hope they will be in compliance ……let’s see …

  157. Robocalls are an invasion of one’s privacy. They are intrusive and annoying. If that’s the way some entities need to to business they shouldn’t be in business or find another way to entice or interest poing me with their snake oil offers which are often illegaland/or bogus BS and a way of attempting to get personal information. It’s really low life and insensitive.

  158. Heather says:

    Now maybe I can start talking to the phone company about blocking their numbers. Now if only they’d go after debt collection agencies that call us and harass us when they’re looking for someone we don’t even know….

  159. Rich Griffith says:

    Even after I tell these robo-callers that they are harassing me; they just call from another number… DUH … !!!

  160. Rob and Debbie Railsback says:

    Between 5 to 10 times a day, we receive these calls. Some we can identify from caller ID, some are listed as fake local phone numbers. We really want these stopped.

  161. Tony Vazquez says:

    Telemarketers are willing to waste *my* time with robo-calls, but their devices hang up on answering machines … they won’t waste *their* time with robo-answerers. Level the playing field!

  162. Jeannine Mendrola says:

    Robocalls are intrusions of privacy as they won’t honor the Do Not Call List. When I’m home I’ll get call after call waking up my toddler, disrupting my daily activities, annoying me when I pick up and the telemarketers get very aggressive. Give the consumer the power to stop this invasion into our personal lives.

  163. A.J. says:

    Even after I tell these robo-callers that they are harassing me; they just call from another number… DUH … !!!

  164. Joan and Edward Sills says:

    Congratulations. We hope the order will be obeyed but are still skeptical of the likelihood of compliance. We hope the order is obeyed.

  165. Harvey says:

    I don’t even answer my home phone anymore as it is only telemarketers and I am on the Do Not Call List–They don’t care, calls still come.

    • Lee S. says:

      There is a difference between live telemarketers and robo calls. Robo calls are computer calls with messages.

      I like to remind telemarketers that they are being paid and I am not. I then ask them if their call is important. When they say yes, i say, “Good give me your home number and I’ll call you and we can talk about it when you get home. None have ever gone farther than that! I try to have some fun with these folks.

  166. Victoria Wikle says:

    Rob-calls should be like spittoons – something really disgusting that happened in the past.

  167. ANNOYING AND LIARS MUST PUT AN END TO THIS. They have ways of getting peoples numbers and calling through them , some of my elderly neighbors are really upset and can do nothing to stop this!

  168. Josph Olivas says:

    I hate someone coming into my house uninvited by telephone to sell me something aI don’t want.

  169. Crystal Mitchell says:

    Such a pain and waste of time, besides being disruptive.

    • Carole ONeill says:

      Please end annoying robo calls!
      I wait and wait when the phone rings for SOMEONE to answer- I have elderly people in my family so I don’t want to hang up thinking it’s one of them instead of these annoying and unnecessary calls and ones I thought I put on the do not call list. Ones I asked not to call back and they do anyway ( and don’t say report them as it does NO go anyway)
      Please just make them go away! PLEASE

  170. Philip Daunt says:

    Please allow me to stop this intrusion on my privacy.

  171. Arnold Advocate says:

    Give us a choice

  172. Joseph E Silva says:

    Robocalls are an invasion of my privacy. Please do all of us the service of putting pressure on the carriers to ban them.

    • Carole ONeill says:

      Please end annoying robo calls!
      I wait and wait when the phone rings for SOMEONE to answer- I have elderly people in my family so I don’t want to hang up thinking it’s one of them instead of these annoying and unnecessary calls and ones I thought I put on the do not call list. Ones I asked not to call back and they do anyway ( and don’t say report them as it does NO go anyway)
      Please just make them go away! PLEASE

  173. Douglas Kenneth Kelban says:

    These calls are annoying and disruptive of both family life and work. Please put a stop to them.

    • Carole ONeill says:

      Please end annoying robo calls!
      I wait and wait when the phone rings for SOMEONE to answer- I have elderly people in my family so I don’t want to hang up thinking it’s one of them instead of these annoying and unnecessary calls and ones I thought I put on the do not call list. Ones I asked not to call back and they do anyway ( and don’t say report them as it does NO go anyway)
      Please just make them go away! PLEASE

  174. Woody Thomas says:

    Please block robocalls

  175. DANIEL REIN says:

    Dear Sirs:

    Robo-calls are a non-trivial intrusion on our lives. Please help us block them!

    Thank you.


    Daniel Rein

  176. I answer the phone because I am expecting an important phone call, but too many times it is a robo call. It pisses me off especially if I run from the bathroom to answer the phone. SDD

  177. Jon Anderholm says:

    no more annoying robo calls…

  178. Rex Hansen says:

    It is way past time that this be done.

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