LA Times Columnist Backs the ROBOCOP Act

Maureen Mahoney
Public Policy Fellow

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

Rep. Jackie Speier’s bill to End Robocalls – the ROBOCOP Act –  is picking up some great national press. On Wednesday, consumer columnist David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times backed the bill, arguing that if major phone companies don’t take action to stop robocalls, “Congress should rally behind Speier’s bill.”

Unlike previous anti-robocall legislation like the Do Not Call registry, the bill puts pressure on the phone companies to act to stop robocalls. It requires them to provide optional free, effective robocall-blocking tools to all of their customers. It also pushes the phone companies to crack down on malicious spoofing that can make call-blocking a challenge.

For Rep. Speier, robocalls aren’t an abstract issue. Ms. Speier told Lazarus, “It’s personal to me, and it’s personal to the 221 million people who’ve put their names on the do-not-call list and are tired of getting robocalls all day and all night.”

Lazarus also quotes Tim Marvin, who directs the End Robocalls campaign at Consumers Union. Marvin took the phone companies to task for being “slow to provide their frustrated customers with relief.”

While Time Warner Cable has already taken action – in January it began offering the free anti-robocall software Nomorobo – it’s time for the other phone companies to follow suit. Lazarus calls the other major phone companies “pathetic” for letting the robocall problem slide.

The ROBOCOP bill has also picked up great press in our sister publication, the Consumerist, in addition to WTSP-Tampa Bay and CIO. Rep. Speier published an op-ed in the SF Chronicle as well.

This bill is a step in the right direction to curb robocalls. But we’ll need your help to push the phone companies across the finish line. Click here to join our campaign to End Robocalls!

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  1. Vintage Lady says:

    Yes, please protect us consumers from these RoBoCalls.

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