LA Times joins the chorus to End Surprise Medical Bills in California

Daniela Nuñez
Social Media Program Manager

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Our campaign to end surprise medical bills got a big boost! The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board wrote an excellent editorial in support of pending California legislation AB 72 to protect consumers from surprise medical bills. It wrote:

California lawmakers have been trying for more than a decade to protect hospital patients from being hit with huge bills from doctors who aren’t part of their health insurer’s network. They have another opportunity to do so this year, and they should seize it.

The LA Times goes on to say that AB 72 “takes a reasonable approach to the core problem, which is the fact that patients are being hit with huge bills they hadn’t anticipated and had no say in.”

We couldn’t agree more! That’s why our campaign supporters in California have sent more than 4,000 emails to California lawmakers asking for a yes vote on AB 72, which would make sure that any Californian visiting an in-network hospital would only pay in-network prices for any associated medical care. AB 72 is a smart solution for all the stakeholders: patients, doctors and insurers. It would create controls to help everyone involved in the process understand exactly what the final bills would add up to.

Join the LA Times in telling lawmakers to “seize the opportunity” now. California consumers cannot afford to wait another year without protections against unfair and costly out-of-network bills they had no control over. Tell lawmakers: back this bill! 


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