Media Covers Historic Surprise Medical Billing Law in Florida

Conor Laing
Assistant Policy Analyst

Friday, April 15th, 2016

What a victory! Yesterday, on April 14, Governor Rick Scott of Florida signed HB 221 into law, protecting consumers from unfair surprise medical bills. Several media outlets are covering this historic moment, including Modern Heathcare, the Palm Beach Post, and our colleagues at Consumerist. This is a great testament to your hard work throughout the campaign. Please take a moment to read the news coverage and share it on your social networks so we can reach as many Floridians as possible!

Consumers Union Director of Special Projects, Betsy Imholz, is quoted in the Palm Beach Post thanking the hard work of consumers like you, “Floridians sent a powerful message to state lawmakers to pass this legislation, and we’re pleased that they listened […]We encourage other states to follow Florida’s lead and pass strong, comprehensive legislation that protects consumers from balance billing and the surprise bills that come from it.”

Betsy said, “This new law is one of the most comprehensive approaches in the nation to protect consumers from surprise medical bills. […] We heard from thousands of Floridians stuck with surprise out-of-network bills, many worth thousands of dollars. In the wake of an emergency situation or hospitalization, the last thing that consumers should have to worry about is struggling to pay a bill for being treated by a doctor they had no choice in.”

And now, consumers in Florida won’t have to worry about getting stuck with out-of-network surprise medical bills. We celebrate this victory, but we’re not stopping here.. Consumers Union is working to end surprise bills in California, New Jersey, and other states. Help us end surprise medical bills by signing our petition and sharing your surprise medical bill story.

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