Melanie Payne of the News-Press: “I’m latching on to [the] campaign to end robocalls”

Maureen Mahoney
Public Policy Fellow

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Because of your support of the EndRobocalls campaign, the national press is taking notice. They’re helping us get out the message that we can put an end to these annoying, abusive calls. Two op-eds have signed on to Consumers Union’s campaign to get the top phone companies to offer consumers free call-blocking tools.

Melanie Payne of the News-Press (Fort Myers, FL) says: “The best way to end robocalls is to get the telecommunications companies to stop them. That’s the way I see and it’s the way Consumers Union sees it, too. . . . So I’m latching on to their new campaign to end robocalls and I’m suggesting you join it as well.”

And The Herald-Dispatch editorial page (Huntington, WV) says: “Consumers Union . . . is lobbying the nation’s top phone companies to provide free call-blocking technology. It is time to get that conversation going.”

Also, check out more coverage of our campaign here:

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Already, 297,000 consumers have signed on to the campaign, making it the fastest growing campaign in our history. While the phone companies are starting to respond (albeit inadequately) they still have not acted.  As Payne points out, “I have no idea why the big telecom companies aren’t taking our frustration seriously.” With your help, they won’t be able to ignore us any longer – sign here and please share with your friends!

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One response to “Melanie Payne of the News-Press: “I’m latching on to [the] campaign to end robocalls””

  1. I want to end robot calls which disturbs me 5 or more times a day. When I see a call coming through I hit 7 to delete then off then delete button to remove the number.

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