New Jersey: Act Now to End Surprise Medical Bills!

Conor Laing
Assistant Policy Analyst

Friday, May 6th, 2016

This week, Consumers Union Campaign Organizer Daniela Nunez issued a call to action in New Jersey: “Legislation is pending at the Capitol that would protect residents of New Jersey from some of the more egregious “surprise medical bills” — when your hospital is in your plan network, but the doctor or lab are not. But the big hospital and doctor lobbyists are doing everything in their power to stop this reform from becoming law.”

Lobbyists for the medical industry have done everything in their power to keep your representatives from acting to protect you from sneaky surprise medical bills. The result? You’re on the hook for unaffordable and unfair bills.  The pending New Jersey legislation would require hospitals to get your permission to receive out-of-network care and protect you from surprise medical bills in emergency and non-emergency care. If you are being wheeled on a gurney, you shouldn’t be extra-billed for ER doctors who are out-of-network when you have no control. If you plan your surgery months in advance, you shouldn’t be surprised last-minute when you find out the anesthesiologist on call that day happens to be out-of-network. It should be simple: your health insurance should work when you need it.

Lawmakers in Trenton have been dragging their feet for months on this issue. It is time to remind them that they are accountable to their constituents, not the medical lobby.  Contact your legislator today and tell them to end surprise medical bills in New Jersey!

After you take action, we need your help to collect 100 more surprise medical bill stories from New Jerseyans. It’s your voice that will help us outshine the special interests.Do you have a story or know someone who does? Please share it today.

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