NYT Editorial Board Supports HANG Up Act, Highlights the End Robocalls Campaign

Maureen Mahoney
Public Policy Fellow

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Major news outlets – including the venerable New York Times – are responding to the campaign to stop robocalls.

On Thursday, the Times came out in favor of the HANG UP Act, the bill recently introduced into the Senate that would repeal a provision in the budget that allows debt collectors to robocall consumers to collect federal debt. The budget bill, which was signed into law last month, could lead to debt collection robocalls and texts to the cell phones of those with student debt, tax debt, and even people who don’t owe anything, like relatives, references, and others.

The Times quoted End Robocalls campaign manager Tim Marvin, who said that the budget bill provision “starts opening up more and more loopholes” in the rules that protect you from robocalls.

The Times strongly supported passage of the HANG UP Act to stop these debt collection robocalls to cell phones. Until it is passed, they asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to freeze these calls until they develop rules on the matter.

Click here to ask your representatives to support the HANG UP Act!

The End Robocalls team was also featured recently in a piece by the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC).  The piece took a look at some of the tools that phone companies should offer to address robocalls. Maureen Mahoney (this author) described the “existing technologies” that could “automatically screen and filter robocalls.”

This press coverage is all due to your activism and engagement. Over 85,000 consumers like you signed our petition in support of the HANG UP Act. Let’s keep up the momentum –  sign here if you haven’t already, and please share widely!


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