Phone Industry Heavyweight USTelecom Supports Robocall-Blocking Tools!

Maureen Mahoney
Public Policy Fellow

Monday, August 24th, 2015

We’re overjoyed that USTelecom, a powerful phone industry group, is speaking out in favor of robocall-blocking tools!

USTelecom represents the major phone companies. That’s why we’re so excited that earlier this month, Senior VP Jon Banks took a strong stand in support of these tools. He told the Omaha World-Herald:

“Ask your phone company to offer robocall-blocking technology for which the FCC has now given the legal approval.”

We couldn’t agree more. It’s time to tell phone companies to offer you advanced robocall-blocking technology that will automatically screen annoying and unwanted robocalls.

So far, the free service Nomorobo is only available to those with modern landline service, like AT&T U-verse, Verizon FiOS, Comcast Xfinity, and Vonage. And, the free robocall-blocking service Primus Telemarketing Guard is currently only offered to Canadian landline consumers.

But lately, more and more influential voices are calling for these or similar tools to be offered to all phone customers. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has argued that phone companies “should” provide anti-robocall technology, and in June, the FCC voted to make clear that phone companies could legally offer it. Following the decision, attorneys general from 44 states and the District of Columbia told top phone companies to provide consumers with these tools. And eight US Senators have called on the FCC to work with the phone companies to develop and distribute robocall-blocking tools to consumers.

But we haven’t reached the finish line yet. We need you to push the phone companies to take responsibility for stopping unwanted robocalls. Please ask your phone company to provide free robocall-blocking tools! Hundreds of consumers just like you have already taken that action.

It’s easy: here are all the details on how to contact AT&T, Verizon, and CenturyLink. And if you’re not a customer, no problem! Please tell these top phone companies that you’d consider switching to a provider that offers these tools!

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12 responses to “Phone Industry Heavyweight USTelecom Supports Robocall-Blocking Tools!”

  1. Michael says:

    In addition to blocking robocalls, they should provide facilities to block calls based on continent (or country) of origin. Many scam calls originate from overseas. Unless I know somebody in Asia, or do business there, I have no reason to receive calls from that continent. Allowing me to block all such calls would help cut down on the number of Microsoft Windows scam calls I get (several a month).

  2. Heather Rode says:

    Robocalls support scams like the infamous Federal Tax cons which have gained out-of-county wrong-doers millions, the computer scams which have resulted in id theft, and many others. They are a menace to legitimate business.

    Since I installed Nomorobo (which Ooma offers), my calls have decreased by 80% and my blood pressure by 20 points.

    This is our equipment in our homes, and uninvited intruders need to be excluded.

  3. George Anne Planck says:

    Please stop all robo calls to my phone immediately at no cost to me. The callers have no shame and call from 7 a..m to 9 p.m.. Some times they are so frequent I have been unable to receive emergency calls from my family or my doctor. I am a senior citizen living alone and this extra harassment is very unnerving.

    After all this is my phone and I pay for the line and the service. I should have some control over what is coming into my home

    Thank you

  4. WES says:

    this problem was perpetuated by the failure of the gov to prohibit all unwanted calls. including politicians, charities, surveys and not just telemarketers. it’s my phone, i pay the bill and a hell of a lot of taxes with it.
    now we are saddled with the bureaucracy created by the do not call list and all the persons needed to do a job that doesn’t get done. the taxpayer will be paying for this forever. when is the gov going to stop putting band-aids on gaping wounds?
    of all the complaints i have filed only one was solved, and that was not that much of a problem. it was dish network, they continued to call after i had asked them to stop.

  5. stephen parker says:

    My cell receives about as many scam and robo calls as my land line and I have the old flip type so can,t use call blocking with it .. The most abused calls are from the ones saying they want to reduce your credit card fees .. get them on both land and cell phones several times a week..

  6. Sandra Harison says:

    Please help citizens prevent robocalls on our phones. These calls are too numerous and disturb everyone in the household (children doing homework, parents working from home, elderly people who have difficulty getting to the phone etc.) People should not have to be annoyed in their own homes.

  7. Donna says:

    So far, I’m not getting robocalls sent to my mobile phone. However, I do get many sent to my landline phone. My service provider does offer call blocking service; but, there is a fee to use that service. What I’ve done is to turn the ringer off and now, I don’t even notice. I only answer calls from people I know.

  8. Esther says:

    Please stop the calls. I’m sick of the Card Holder Services scam and the Windows/Microsoft “your computer is….”. Don’t just give blocking tools…stop them completely. You know who they are and it can be done.

  9. George Yourke says:

    I get far more robocalls, which I do not answer if I do not recognize the name or number (nor do they leave a message), than proper land line calls. Please eliminate all calls that identify themselves as “Out 0f Area”, “Unavailable”, “800 Service” – in fact,eliminate all calls that do not identify themselves clearly. Besides blocking such calls, enact legislation that would fine the responsible persons for such calls. This is to include the rising number of “subscribed” robo e-mails both in the “suspect’ as well as the “regular” e-mail file. All such, transmitted by “E-Mail Preferences” under ever shifting and dubious names such as ” Fancy Decoration Style”, should be shunted automatically to the “Junk Mail” file. They claim i “subscribed” and need to unsubscribe by providing my e-mail address, which I consider FRAUD. And, as unscrupulous as they are, they use that e-mail address to send me direct solicitations. ENOUGH !!

  10. O'kelley says:

    Please make it possible to end robo calls. This is needed for all phones as we, the consumers, are paying for these calls, especially when they come in on cell phone lines. DO NOT CALL lists do not stop these calls. The companies just ignore the list and call the numbers anyway.

  11. Del Ericson says:

    Robocalls interrupt family meals, call at 11 pm when we are trying to sleep and are unwanted in the first place. They ignore the Do Not Call Registry. Please make free robocall blocking tools available to all landline customers.

  12. Please make available free robocall-blocking tools for landline phones. It has gotten so that these unwanted calls are disturbing landline phone customers day and night. I would consider switching to a provider offering these tools to prevent these calls.

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