Robocalled? Just Hang Up

Monday, April 4th, 2016

If you get a robocall, what should you do? Hang up. It’s advice we’ve been giving for a while, but it bears repeating.  

Hanging up right away is your first line of defense if a robocall gets through to you. As soon as you figure out that you’ve got a robocaller on the line, hang up the phone and do not press any buttons; even try to avoid coughing if you can help it. Do all you can to avoid letting the robocaller know that they have reached a live person. Once a scam robocaller knows that they’ve got a good number (one where a real human answers), they may bombard you with robocalls.

spoofingAnd things can go even further downhill from there. You may have just taken the first step towards being the victim of fraud. As described in this NPR expose, even the slightest indicia of a live person on the line can lead to account takeover fraud, where scammers commandeer victims’ financial accounts their own ends.

So next time the phone rings and you are greeted with that tell-tale silence of a robocall on the other end of the line, just hang up. And  if you want real solutions to End Robocalls, join with the more than half million who have joined together to call on the phone companies to offer free, effective tools to their customers to block robocalls here.


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