Weekly Stories from You: Robocalls Wake My Disabled Daughter and She Gets Uncontrollably Angry

Christina Tetreault
Staff Attorney

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

“They wake my TBI [traumatic brain injury] disabled daughter & she gets uncontrollably angry” is the title of a story shared by Linda from Glendale, Arizona.

Anyone who thinks robocalls are a mere annoyance, something that recipients should easily shrug off, needs to read the rest of what Linda shared with us so that they understand just how noxious robocalls can be:

I have an adult daughter with a TBI. She falls asleep off and on during the day. Anyone can get annoyed when the phone wakes them up, but…when it’s an automated call you can’t even respond to and tell them to not call back…it’s very annoying. My daughter will get screaming angry and with a traumatic brain injury…it’s hard to control. This is unnecessary and just wrong. Our home is supposed to be our peaceful haven; our little place on this earth to get away from uninvited stress. Robocalls definitely interfere with that peace and we can’t even tell them to stop.

Sadly, Linda’s story is not unique. Every day we hear from caregivers whose work is interrupted by robocalls. These calls add unnecessarily to the burdens of these folks.

There is a solution to the robocalls epidemic.

The Federal Communications Commission has said not only that phone companies may provide tools to their customers to stop robocalls, but that they should.

We think so, too. That’s why we started the End Robocalls effort. We’re calling on the phone companies to provide free call blocking tools to their customers. And we need your help to turn up the heat.

Join the movement here.


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