Sen Blumenthal & Call For Telcos To Stop Robocalls

Tim Marvin
Campaign Manager

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

The Campaign was joined in a press conference in Hartford, CT by Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Ct), FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, and story sharer, Catherine Larsen calling for telecos to provide you with effective tools to block robocalls.

Now that the FCC has made clear that the telcos are out of excuses it is time for them to simply get this done. Blumenthal agreed with us saying, “These Robocalls are no joke. They are seriously dangerous to consumers. They must be stopped. The technology exists to stop them, if only the telephone companies offered it.”

Catherine Larsen, who shared her story with, agrees saying, “It got to the point that last year, we were getting an average of 7 to 9 robocalls per day,” said Larson. “We were to the point when we would never answer the phone anymore.” Sound familiar?

The FCC, Senator Blumenthal and Catherine are just part of the growing avalanche of pressure that the campaign is piling on to the telcos. Stay tuned, next week we will be asking you to join the fight!

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One response to “Sen Blumenthal & Call For Telcos To Stop Robocalls”

  1. Carolyn Wysocki says:

    Something needs to be done to stop the unwanted robo calls. As a senior citizen it creates some mayor problems like getting to the phone when expecting a call from my doctor or health care worker and finding no one here. Just getting to the phone to see my caller id is difficult and a fall risk.
    I am now letting the phone ring and if its important they will call back or leave a message. However I have missed several important calls because the party wanted to speak to me directly. I know that I am not alone with this robo phone invasion as I have talked to many seniors , friends and family member that have the same irritating problem. Can you help?

    I have been receiving 5 to 10 calls a every day, most without a person at the end when i check and answer my missed calls. with no one at the end calls the

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