Senator Chuck Schumer Joins the Campaign to End Robocalls!

Maureen Mahoney
Public Policy Fellow

Monday, March 7th, 2016

In a major victory for consumers in the battle against robocalls, this weekend Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) joined the End Robocalls campaign, putting new pressure on the phone companies to take a stand against the robocall scourge.

Together with Consumers Union’s Chuck Bell, Programs Director, Sen. Schumer held a press conference in his offices on Sunday, where he called on the phone companies to offer free tools to automatically block unwanted robocalls. Calling the robocall epidemic the “Game of Phones,” he made it clear that phone companies need to take action against unwanted robocalls.

Sen. Schumer said: “Whether it’s mortgage companies, credit card firms or, even worse, scammers, telephone companies should provide their customers with access to robocall-blocking technology that will eliminate future nuisance. We have the technology to block these robocalls and it’s time for telephone and mobile phone to companies make it available to all consumers.”‎

Schumer vowed to create legislation if the phone companies failed to take action.

Consumers Union was honored to be represented by Chuck Bell at the event. Bell said: “Nothing drives phone customers more crazy than robocalls that ring day and night. Over half a million Americans have joined Consumers Union’s End Robocalls campaign calling on AT&T, Verizon, and CenturyLink to offer free call-blocking tools to stop unwanted calls.  It’s time for the phone companies to take action and provide their customers with the relief they want and deserve.”

Schumer singled out for praise Time Warner Cable, the only major phone company to offer its customers a free, effective robocall-blocking service. In January, TWC announced that it was making the call-blocking service Nomorobo available to its customers through their customer portals. Several smaller voice providers and regional phone companies, including VoIPo and Sonic, have also integrated the feature into their offerings. Clearly, the phone companies have the technology to give consumers relief from unwanted robocalls. We urge all of the phone companies to take similar steps.

The announcement generated heaps of media coverage, including from the New York Daily News, the New York Post, CBS New York, ABC New York, the AP, and the CW (WPIX).
Have you joined the End Robocalls campaign yet? Follow Sen. Schumer’s lead and sign up here!

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One response to “Senator Chuck Schumer Joins the Campaign to End Robocalls!”

  1. Dan Micklos says:

    I have an east coast area code but live in southern california. This morning I had 2 robocalls to sell me an extended warranty for a car that I no longer own, at 6:50 AM. It’s really infuriating that the FTC does nothing to enforce their do not call list. What a joke. I ill probably have to change my long held phone number in order to try to avoid calls while I am asleep. P.S., I am not very pleasant with these people. I can’t imaging why any of them would want to talk to me.

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