Stop Robocalls Action- Dallas, TX

Tim Marvin
Campaign Manager

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Ever hear of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)?

Until recently, me either.

It is a gathering of engineers from all over the world whose mission is to “make the internet work better”. One of the big topics they are tackling this year is how to end robocalls on VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol. This is the future of your home phone lines. Some of us are already using it.

We sent our policy folks to the the conference in Dallas to learn more about what these engineers are doing to stop these unwanted calls. Then to deliver our message from over 210,000 consumers: Stop Robocalls!

These engineers are an important part of the puzzle to effective block these calls from reaching our homes.  One important issue on their to-do list is to develop a solution that will stop “spoofing“. They have created some of the technologies that will have to be adopted by the major carriers in order to block robocalls.

We wanted to make sure that these engineers knew the importance of this issue and that Americans need relief fast. So, we bought a giant mobile billboard to circle around the hotel that is hosting their conference.

The bill board looks like this:

Side 1:


Robocalls Mobile Billboard 03-2015-SideB


Side 2:

Robocalls Mobile Billboard 03-2015DRAFT01-SideA (1)

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