Stories From You: Fight for Your Right to Avoid Surprise Medical Bills

Zanira Ghulamhussain
Assistant Outreach Coordinator

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Every voice in the fight against surprise medical bills counts! We are grateful for the thousands in New Jersey who have taken action with our End Surprise Medical Bills campaign because without them we couldn’t stand up to the special interests who don’t want to see us succeed.

Meet Dorothy, a licensed mental health therapist, from Bayonne, New Jersey, who told us why she is standing up to advocate for surprise billing protections: “It is ridiculous that one has to jump through all of these hoops just to get coverage.” Indeed, many people who pay for good insurance and expect it to cover them when they need it are shocked when they are sent a huge surprise medical bill from an out-of-network doctor. Going to an in-network healthcare facility means everyone working there is in-network, right? Not so! Too many New Jersey folks find that out the hard way and are left to fight the bill on their own. Sometimes those bills go to collections and the consumer is left with a bad credit report.

Consumers are paying more of their share for healthcare, and yet these added costs don’t protect against costly surprise medical bills. Dorothy has experienced rising premiums and having to pay a deductible when she didn’t have one before. She received “astronomical” bills from out-of-network providers that added stress, time, and worry. Sadly, she is not alone in the struggle.

Passion like Dorothy’s inspires us to keep on the fight to win protections for all New Jerseyans, so more don’t fall victim to financially devastating surprise medical bills. A big surprise medical bill can mean there is less food on the table or not enough money to pay rent.

Join our New Jersey fight by clicking here and sharing your story. We will need as many people unified in New Jersey so we can get consumers the protections they deserve for their healthcare.

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  1. Dorothy Rose Frogione says:

    Thank you for publishing my story.

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