Stories from You: Out-of-Network Leaves Man Out of Options

Madeleine Anderson
Assistant Policy Analyst

Friday, February 26th, 2016

When you do your research, and schedule surgery in an in-network hospital with an in-network doctor, you should be rewarded, not surprised. However, the complexity of our healthcare system often leaves patients cringing and confused when their bills arrive in the mail. Joe from Crystal River, Florida experienced this first hand after his recent cardiac surgery.

Joe’s Story:

I had cardiac surgery in an in-network hospital by an in-network cardiologist. He admitted me for continued care, the hospital then assigned their out-of-network "Hospitalist" (who never even physically saw or spoke to me!). When I received the bill I called and told them I did not have or see this doctor and they told me who he was and that they assign their on-duty "Hospitalist" even if they are out-of network, and that I was responsible for the full amount of the bill.

Patients deserve to have a clear understanding of what they’re being billed for before it happens, and deserve to be protected when they don’t. That’s why we’re working in states like Florida, to ensure legislators see how important it is that you get what you pay for with your health insurance. Help us win surprise bill protections by sharing your story, and if you live in Florida, take action today!

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