Tell The FCC To EndRobocalls To Cell Phones!

Tim Marvin
Campaign Manager

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Take action now to tell the FCC to not allow more robocalls to your cell phone!

In the last budget deal a loophole was snuck in that could cause you to get a lot more robocalls to your cell phone. The loophole would allow debt collectors to call the cell phone of of anyone who holds a federally backed debt, like student loans or mortgages. It also could allow the robocallers to call the cell phone of friends and family of the person with the debt. This could open the floodgate to millions of calls to our cell phones.

The motivation for this was to collect on some of the government’s large amount of outstanding loans. However, allowing this loophole does not actually bring in any money. This is just an end around by the robocalling industry to weaken strong laws that protect you and your cell phone.

Our buddies over at Consumerist said it best:

Last fall, a rider to a must-pass federal budget bill kicked down the barricade that has prevented government debt collectors from annoying hundreds of millions of consumers with auto-dialed, pre-recorded robocalls. Lawmakers hate the bill, but they won’t consider any legislation to close the loophole. The White House’s own analysis of the loophole shows that it won’t really bring in any more money, and could actually be a revenue loser, but the administration isn’t doing anything to roll back the changes. Attorneys general hate it too, but they enforce laws instead of writing them. With an August deadline looming, the Federal Communications Commission has no choice but to move forward with making the loophole as palatable as possible.

So everyone hates this horrible law (except debt collectors and for profit colleges) because everyone hates robocalls. So we need the FCC to make the narrowest interpretation of the law during their rule making. That is where you can help! Send your opinion of more robocalls to your cell phone to the FCC.

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