Time Warner Cable Rolls Out Nomorobo to its Customers!

Maureen Mahoney
Public Policy Fellow

Friday, January 15th, 2016

Exciting news for consumers desperate for relief from robocalls: Time Warner Cable is now offering the call-blocking service Nomorobo directly to its six million voice customers!

We’re particularly impressed with TWC’s news because top phone companies, including AT&T, Verizon, and CenturyLink, have been reluctant to integrate advanced robocall-blocking tools like Nomorobo into their suite of products. TWC’s decision puts new pressure on the phone companies to move quickly towards ending robocalls.

Click here to ask the phone companies to offer YOU free robocall-blocking tools!

Nomorobo is a third-party application that scans call patterns and uses complaint data to automatically identify suspicious robocalls and block them after just one ring. Volunteer testers for Consumer Reports magazine rated Nomorobo highly for its effectiveness in stopping irritating robocalls.

Some AT&T and Verizon customers can access Nomorobo by signing up through Nomorobo’s website, but these companies have refused to make the tool directly available its customers through their own sites. Traditional landline customers and, at the moment, wireless customers, can’t access it at all. And CenturyLink’s phone service is currently not compatible with Nomorobo.

Over a half-million consumers have signed Consumers Union’s petition to the top phone companies, asking them to offer free call-blocking tools to all of their customers. Consumers are clearly hankering for better tools to protect themselves from unwanted robocalls. Phone companies would do well to follow Time Warner Cable’s lead and offer their customers free, advanced robocall-blocking tools. Click here to sign our petition!

Update: Consumers Union recommends that consumers closely evaluate what kind of information they’re willing to disclose to prevent robocalls, so review the privacy policy before signing up for any call-blocking app or service.

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3 responses to “Time Warner Cable Rolls Out Nomorobo to its Customers!”

  1. Richard Wray says:

    Dear CR: thanks for suggesting and supporting a “no Robocall” movement. These Robocalls are horrible!
    (Question #1): could you also support a similar barrier on solicitation phone calls (e.g. disabled veterans, firefighters, roofers, plumbers, etc.) — perhaps not a ban but a “do not call” request that really works. The government do not call list has too many loopholes.
    (Question #2): I use Ooma voice over the internet for my home phone. Will my Time-Warner Cable internet supply support the “no Robocall” technology you mention?
    (Question #3): In my other home, I use Comcast internet. How about them?

    Thanks you for your help.

    • Maureen Mahoney says:

      Hi Richard, thanks for your comment! Our position is that you shouldn’t have to get calls that you don’t want – that you should be in control. Solicitation robocalls from politicians and charities aren’t allowed to cell phones w/out your permission, but they are legal to your home phone. But if they are legitimate organizations, they should stop calling if you ask them to!

      As for your second question – Ooma Premier is compatible with Nomorobo, so depending on your level of service, it may require an upgrade. Comcast Xfinity voice IS compatible with Nomorobo. Check out their website for more information: https://www.nomorobo.com/signup

      Thanks again for your comment!

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