Tips for Consumers: How to Reduce Robocalls Right Now

Maureen Mahoney
Public Policy Fellow

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

The Indiana Attorney General’s office has been working hard to push phone companies to take more responsibility for stopping robocalls. The Indiana AG, along with 44 other attorneys general, recently demanded that five top phone companies immediately offer consumers advanced robocall-blocking tools.

But in the meantime, what options do consumers have to stop the calls today? Marguerite Sweeney of the Indiana AG’s office spoke last week at the FCC’s Robocall Blocking and Call Spoofing Workshop and said that consumers constantly ask her that very question.

The Indiana AG’s office released this handout on tools you can look into to reduce unwanted robocalls. Some of these options include Nomorobo for certain VoIP subscribers, smartphone apps, devices that you can purchase and plug into your home phone, and services provided by the phone companies to block select numbers.

The End Robocalls team at Consumers Union gets a lot of inquiries about stopping robocalls, too. Our colleagues at Consumer Reports recently asked consumers to test Nomorobo and several call-blocking devices that plug into your home phone. Check out the article to see what they found.

But like the Indiana AG’s office, 44 other AGs, the FCC and eight senators, we think that the phone companies should give consumers more options to protect themselves from unwanted robocalls. That’s why we’re petitioning AT&T, CenturyLink, and Verizon to offer these tools to consumers for free.

Our petition has already reached half a million! Click here to add your voice, and stay tuned for exciting events to come.

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One response to “Tips for Consumers: How to Reduce Robocalls Right Now”

  1. Lewis Drake says:

    I support forcing a phone companies to fully support NOMOROBO.

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