Tomorrow Is Going To Be Huge!

Tim Marvin
Campaign Manager

Monday, July 27th, 2015

For months, the campaign has been building pressure for the major carriers to provide us with free effective tools to block robocalls before they reach our homes. Now we start the next phase of the campaign – focusing all of that grassroots momentum solely on the carriers themselves.

Tomorrow, Consumer Reports will release a first-of-its-kind article that you helped create. Thousands of grassroots activists volunteered to test call blocking devices and services. You will be able to see the results of your hard work on news stands and on Consumer Reports Online (check for links tomorrow). We are genuinely excited about how the article turned out.

As the article comes out we will be sending a letter directly to the major landline carriers that calls on them to drop the excuses and implement free robocall blocking tools.

We will also be delivering our message and highlighting the findings of the CR article on CBS This Morning tomorrow, at around 8:30 am EDT.

You can help us by sharing our posts, news coverage, and social media along with a link to our petition. We are closing in on our goal of 500,000 people!

Our grassroots efforts have already scored some major victories. The FCC recently ruled that carriers do have the legal authority to block robocalls before they reach our homes. The Senate Committee on Aging also called on one of our own grassroots activists to testify about her experiences with robocalls, and ranking member Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) encouraged the major carriers to implement call-blocking solutions quickly. Most recently, 45 state Attorneys General echoed our call for the major carriers to act and provide people with robocall blocking technology.

Tomorrow is going to be a BIG day. And an even bigger headache for the carriers.


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