Weekly Stories from You: Call Blocker Cuts Robocalls

Christina Tetreault
Staff Attorney

Friday, July 15th, 2016

If you’ve been following the End Robocalls campaign, you know that hundreds of thousands of us have joined together to call on the phone companies to offer free effective tools to block robocalls. We know the solutions are out there to end robocalls, and we think the phone companies are best positioned to implement them.  So does Paul, because even after he installed his own call blocker, he found reason to believe that the phone companies need to act. Here’s Paul’s story:

I was getting over 30 calls a day on my office phone.  I installed a software robo-blocker several months ago, and since then the calls have dropped from about 30/day to maybe 7/week or less.  HOWEVER some friends need to enter a numeric password to be put through, or the software asks for a ‘mail box number’ – which doesn’t exist, so some return calls from friends are screened out — better to have the local service provider.. place FAR more effective software so that my software is not ‘hackable’ as I’m not certain how to update.

We’re glad that Paul is getting some relief, and we agree that the phone companies can do more for their customers. If you agree, join with us today at End Robocalls.  

Update: Consumers Union recommends that consumers closely evaluate what kind of information they’re willing to disclose to prevent robocalls, so review the privacy policy before signing up for any call-blocking app or service.  

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