Weekly Stories from You: Donald’s Robocalls Story

Christina Tetreault
Staff Attorney

Monday, November 9th, 2015


Thousands of consumers have shared their robocalls stories with us. Each week, we’ll be highlighting a different story.

Donald from Phelan, California, told us how robocalls invade the precious time he has with his terminally ill wife. Here’s his story:

I have a terminally ill wife with lung cancer.  

I don’t need these robocalls usurping my phone line and my time; these people call at odd hours, like around dinner time. This is a great nuisance. How ’bout a call with an offer for a septic tank antiseptic product at dinner time?

These calls can be scary for the uninitiated:  one fellow said “they” had been watching my computer for some time, and it was sending out email spam. I told them they must be the ones who started it. My sister answered a robocall that told her she was involved in a fraud scam and was being investigated by the CIA.

One day I got a call, and answered it. it was an east Indian sounding man who told me “they” had been monitoring my computer and it had several viruses and malware on it.  I decided to play along.  He took me through files I didn’t know existed on computer.  He never said that any of them were corrupt, but there was that implication. He finally got around, after about 45 minutes, to selling me some protection for these viruses and malwares.  It’s one time i actually learned more about my computer than i knew before.  But I was not fooled by his “wizardry”. I told him to get lost.

Consumers shouldn’t be harassed by robocalls, especially not folks like Donald and his family. It’s time that the phone companies do more. We think that the phone companies should provide their customers free tools to block robocalls, and more than 500,000 consumers have joined with us in the fight to End Robocalls. If you want to join with us,  visit here.

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