Weekly Stories from You: Falling for Robocalls

Christina Tetreault
Staff Attorney

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

Robocalls create all kinds of distractions, interrupting our dinners, our sleep and our peace of mind. For some families, unwanted, unwelcome calls are also a threat to their physical well-being.

This week we feature two stories from folks who have literally fallen for robocalls:


I sometimes work unusual hours and these calls awaken me. I have difficulty getting to the phone and have actually fallen when trying to take a call that turned out to be a robocall. They are a major annoyance and intrusion into my privacy.


Mary Lou:

Mary LouMy husband is disabled. Every time the phone rings either he or I must get to the phone by the 3rd ring or it goes to voice mail. I have called and written to Verizon about this dangerous possibility of falling to no avail. We get robocalls constantly about home improvements. I feel sorry for these people and try not to sound rude but often times there is no one there once I have scrambled to answer the phone. I fear the upcoming election will increase these calls tenfold.

After we reached out to Mary Lou, she added this post-script:

We have gotten the “grandparent” calls, fake IRS, computer needing a fix too. What rankles me is my personal letter to Verizon that they never acknowledged.

Your telephone shouldn’t imperil your well-being. That’s why we’re working to End Robocalls by calling on the phone companies to offer their customers free tools to block robocalls. Join the movement here.

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One response to “Weekly Stories from You: Falling for Robocalls”

  1. Melanie Vowell says:

    Stop robo calls. I won’t answer my landline anymore. 90% of calls are robo.

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