Weekly Stories from You: His Landline Is Ruined

Christina Tetreault
Staff Attorney

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Ever get the feeling your phone isn’t yours? That’s what has happened to Timothy and his family in Northbrook, Illinois:

For years, we’ve had a nice division of phone call load between personal cellphones and landline.  About 50% of our personal wanted calls came in on each, and the two phone systems are used interchangeably. 

landline-callblock02Since robocalls have run amok however, this is now ALL we ever get on our landline, and we have been forced to shift every single personal call to cell phones. 

Our landline rings all afternoon and rings all evening, 7 days a week, and it is never a personal call. 

We are asking ourselves why we are paying for such a service and questioning the existence of the landline. We feel our landline has been stolen from us to the point of being unusable, yet we feel we need to keep it as an emergency backup for when cell towers are down. These marketers now wish for the same to happen with cell phones, which would be a sin. Now [our phone company] does allow call blocking, and we have used it, but [our phone company] limits you to no more than 20 calls to be blocked, and we rapidly used up those 20 very quickly. There should be no limit imposed on this number.

Do you want to take back your telephone from robocallers? Then join with us and hundreds of thousands of other consumers fed up with robocalls. We think the phone companies should provide their customers free effective tools to block robocalls. Join the End Robocalls movement here.

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