Weekly Stories from You: Is That Robocall a Threat to Your Physical Wellbeing?

Christina Tetreault
Staff Attorney

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

We know robocallers scam folks out of millions, harming them financially. But robocalls may stand between a person and needed care, or cause actual physical harm, too. That may sound silly to folks who think that robocalls are mere annoyances, but as you can see from John’s story below, robocalls to his phone could keep him from accessing care in the event of an emergency:

I started to pick up my phone one day to call my doctor’s office. Just before picking up it rang. It was a robocall from I don’t remember who, so I hung up and, after a few seconds, picked the handpiece up again to make my call. To my surprise the robocall was still going. I had to wait a full minute for the call to end before I could use my phone. I am 77 years old, and this wait could spell the difference between life or death for me in an emergency, which I seem to be having more and more. I have tested this several times since then with the same results. I think it is criminal that they can tie up my phone like that. After all at my age my phone is my primary safety link in an emergency.

  • John, Davis, California

And Leah shared this story of how robocalls interrupt her recuperation from excruciating headaches:

I suffer from chronic daily migraines.  Most of the time sleep will help the migraines go away……but my sleep is interrupted on a daily basis by robocalls.  I always answer the phone worried that a family member is calling for help (I have an elderly mother and young grandchildren) but again – the robocalls disturb my peace.  I have signed up for the do not call list many times – but this does not help.  Enough already.

  • Leah, Los Angeles, CA

We agree with Leah: enough already with the robocalls! Consumers need real solutions to the robocalls epidemic. Our research shows the solutions are out there. The phone companies can and should offer their customers free tools to block robocalls. Join with us to tell the phone companies to  End Robocalls.



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