Weekly Stories from You: Jeri’s Story

Christina Tetreault
Staff Attorney

Monday, November 16th, 2015

Robocalls cause direct harm to the people who receive then, but they also can cause grief for their loved ones, as many of the tens of thousands of consumer stories shared with us illustrate.

This week, we’re featuring Jeri’s story that shows how robocalls hurt her family:

I am a caregiver for my mother, who has Alzheimers. Robocalls are disconcerting for my mother: they call her by her first name, sounding like a longtime friend. If they have gotten her to order something, and we complain, the response can vary from rude, to, in one case, actual threats. I work hard to minimize her phone contact, and I have learned to hang up if no one speaks in first couple of seconds. Telling them that she is ill makes it worse: they see her as an easy target!

  • Jeri, Los Angeles, CA

There is a solution to the pain that Jeri and her family suffer. It’s giving consumers control over what calls reach them or don’t.

Tools exists that block robocalls. Moreover, phone companies got the green light make them available to their customers, thanks to a July ruling from the Federal Communications Commission. But the phone companies haven’t done so. We think it’s time for the phone companies to act.

Help spur the telecoms to action by joining with and more than half million consumers working to End Robocalls. Join us here.



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