Weekly Stories from You: Mary’s Fed-up with Robocalls Imperiling Her Family

Christina Tetreault
Staff Attorney

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

What if your family situation was such that you needed to answer every call? And what if a lot of those calls were robocalls that kept you from more important things? You’d probably be pretty darn tired of robocalls. Well, so is Mary. Mary believes her son’s health could be imperiled by the robocalls that waste her time and tie up her phone lines:

My son is developmentally delayed, has seizures, and has Crohn’s Disease. He has a genetic disorder of some kind, but is still undiagnosed at age 15. Because I am a busy Mom, I direct all calls from physicians, specialists, lab testing, our pharmacy, service providers, and more – including my son’s teacher and instructional aids – to my cell. 

I also have three adult children. We are close and communicate often. We always send text messages unless there is something time sensitive and important that needs to be relayed. 

When my phone rings, I answer it. No matter what I am doing – driving, cooking, whatever – I always answer. Not all of the calls relate to my children, but when my cell rings, it can potentially be important. It can potentially be life threatening. 

In the last few days, I have had three robocalls. Before answering, I glanced at the number and location the call was coming from. The first call, I assumed it must be related to my son’s new wheelchair or other medical supplies – I mean, why else would someone call me from Boise? The second call I answered more warily – and the third call – I knew what it was, but I still had to answer it – just in case

My inbox is full of spam. My answering machine is stacked with robocalls. The internet is flooded with ads and I rarely waste time with television anymore because I am just weary of being bombarded with commercials. Enough is enough! Leave my cell phone alone.

Mary is not alone in saying, “Enough is enough!” to robocalls. Hundreds of thousands of consumers have joined together to demand that the phone companies offer free effective tools to their customers to block robocalls. If you want to join the movement to End Robocalls, click here.

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