Weekly Stories from You: Robocall Leads to Broken Leg

Christina Tetreault
Staff Attorney

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Ever been interrupted from a deep sleep by a robocall? Then you know how annoying and disconcerting a robocall can be. But robocalls can also cause physical harm. That’s what happened to Marty. Here’s her story:

Despite being on a no-call list for my land line, I still get robocalls. Sometimes I am expecting a call, like from one of my children, or my nurses. I have a mobility disability and trying to get to my phone in a hurry can be dangerous.

Marty 1I once had a stress fracture of my femur and trying to get to the phone for a call caused the stress fracture to become a real fracture leaving me on the floor unable to get to the phone for help. I had to wait an hour for my husband to get home and rescue me, by which time my leg had become so swollen that healing took longer.

I am now a widow and my cell phone is my lifeline for help should something happen. Imagine what would happen if a robocall was tying up that line and I fell!

 We believe that no one should be in physical danger because of unwanted telephone calls. That’s why we – hundreds of thousands of us – are calling on the phone companies of offer their customers free, effective tools to stop unwanted calls before they get to us. We need your help to pressure them to act. Join the End Robocalls movement here.

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