Weekly Stories from You: Robocalls Aggravate Chronic Pain

Christina Tetreault
Staff Attorney

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

“I like getting woken up by annoying robocalls,” said no one, ever. But for Dianne, from Modesto, California, robocalls that wake her from sleep are causing her extra pain:

The repeated daily robo and marketing telephone calls aggravate the chronic pain that I endure. [I] am age 74 [and] need extra sleep to relieve pain…I’m on DO NOT CALL LISTS.

At each call I either hang-up if [the call is a] robocall, or if [it is] a real person, I repeatedly request that they take my telephone number off [their]  list.

I am desperate for rest & sleep (often at daytime hours) to help diminish some of the pain. I desperately need relief from these calls. Surely.. (my landline carrier) can devise a way to STOP THE TELEMARKETING  CALLS PRIOR TO THE PHONE RINGING. I should not, will not pay for any contraption…[my service provider] should have the capacity, responsibility and integrity to protect their customers. 

robocall-04-09-001We agree with Dianne that the phone companies need to step up and do more to help their customers avoid harmful robocalls. That’s why we and hundreds of thousands of consumers are calling on carriers to offer their customers free tools to block robocalls. We invite you to join with us to End Robocalls.

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2 responses to “Weekly Stories from You: Robocalls Aggravate Chronic Pain”

  1. Raymond Comeau says:

    I understand Dianne perfectly. I have suffered from TMJ ( Temporomandibular Joint Pain) for years, and Robo Calls are a curse. There are times like this moment at 3.20 AM ( my time in Canada) that I am up with pain.

    Often on nights like this, I will be able to go back to bed in the early morning, and then Robo calls will awaken me. My name is on the do not call list, but that doesn’t mean a thing.

    Robo calls are a curse.

    • Sue says:

      I also suffer from chronic pain but my Samsung Galaxy SII which is 3 1/2 years old (in settings on the phone) has an option called blocking mode which you can set to any hours and allow phone calls through from the people that you want to be able to get through and block all the others. You will then only see the messages when you wake up. I have found this to be the only way to peaceful sleep.

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