Weekly Stories from You: Robocalls Are Hurting Kent’s Home Business

Christina Tetreault
Staff Attorney

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

KentIf your home became infested with unwanted pests, you would call an exterminator. But who would you call if your home became infested with robocalls? Home business operator Kent wonders the same thing as he fights to keep robocalls from diminishing the quality of care he provides for his clients.

Kent’s story:

“My alternative therapy practice provides resolution from pain.  By the time people call us, they have run a relatively fruitless gamut of practitioners and are calling in a last desperate effort to get help.  It makes a difference — a big difference — to them if, at the moment of their call, it is answered by a live human voice, rather than a recording.  They have, as it were, jacked up their courage to make the call, which is their cry for help.  They want it answered, now.

My office is in the first floor of my home.  For awhile, when we first were blessed with this space,  whenever I heard the office phone I’d drop what I was doing upstairs and run to the office to answer.  Then came the calls from “Cardholder Services,” Google contractors claiming to be Google, and lately, some clown trumpeting a “very important update to your merchant account [credit card handling] services.”  Over and over and over and over again.  

I’ve attempted to stop them by calling them back with a request or demand to quit.  Sometimes it works for a day or two, then someone else fills the pipe  — I see no end to it.  At age 73, I’ve quit running down the steps to catch the phone.  It’s costing me business and harming potential clients, but the wear-and-tear — stress — on my body and in my life, is worth avoiding.  So, the quality of service I deliver to my clients is degraded to avoid the stress.

You know what?  This is robbery!  We who pay the phone bills, the electric bills, buy the computers and strive to keep up in the face of ongoing Future Shock, all while attempting to maintain service to our clients and customers, deserve the protection of our representatives from intrusions that we will have to underwrite if they’re allowed to continue and expand these practices. Please, just say no!

The constant robocalls to Kent’s office phone have caused him to sacrifice pertinent client interaction in efforts to avoid unnecessary stress to his body. Consumers shouldn’t have to sacrifice time, stress and money for unwanted, invasive robocalls. We have a plan to stop them. Join with us here to End Robocalls.

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