Weekly Stories from You: Robocalls Inhibit Andrew’s Recovery from a Horrible Illness

Christina Tetreault
Staff Attorney

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Through dogged determination, Andrew is recovering from a catastrophic illness. His telephone is essential to re-establishing his independence. Robocalls, however, turned his landline into “an unreasonable obstacle” on the road to recovery:

landline-callblock02I am a  57 year-old retired fire fighter from Lubbock, Texas. Two years ago an unusual disease transformed me into a quadriplegic literally overnight. After 6 weeks in a coma, 7 surgeries, and a year in a nursing home, I have fought my way back to living in my own home. Each day I struggle to become more independent.    

A vital tool in accomplishing self reliance is my telephone. I use it to pay my bills, order my groceries, coordinate therapy and doctors visits, call for assistance when I get in a jam, etc.

I had to give up using a land line connection and replace it with a cell phone, even though it is more costly. This was necessary because the constant barrage of unwanted automated calls rendered the land line phone an ineffective tool, and a constant interruption in my focused efforts to function on my own.

To me, allowing cell phone users to be inundated with this viral invasion of robot calls is not just an irritant or an intrusion. It is harmful and an unreasonable obstacle in my battle to regain my ability to take care of myself. It is my sincere hope and request that my elected representatives will protect me from this uninvited hijacking of my cell phone.”

The fight to end robocalls is real for Andrew. He doesn’t think anyone should have to put up with having their phone hijacked by unwanted, harmful calls. We agree. That’s why we’re calling on the phone companies to offer their customers free effective tools to block robocalls. Join with us here.

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